Halaxy Telehealth for phone consultations

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Halaxy Telehealth offers phone calls to contact both patients and professional contacts, without needing a physical phone or landline. Your call history logs are automatically saved for your records.

To use Halaxy Telehealth for phone calls, you must first be subscribed to a dedicated phone number, which is also used for SMS reminders.

Halaxy Telehealth phone consultations cost 1 credit per minute (on top of your monthly subscription for a dedicated number). Your dedicated phone number is free if you reach the Silver, Gold or Platinum payment bands and remain within these bands.


Halaxy Telehealth supports only outbound calls.

Create a Halaxy Telehealth phone appointment

  1. From the calendar, create an appointment.

  2. Enter your required details. For Location, select Phone consultation.

  3. Click Save.


Scheduled reminders for Halaxy Telehealth appointments use the Phone Consultation reminder templates.


Call a patient or contact with Halaxy Telehealth

    1. Open the appointment.

    2. In the Appointment Information panel, click the Icon-Phone.svg Call icon.

    3. In the pop-up, you can view information relating to the call. (If you are an administrator or have access to multiple dedicated numbers, select which phone number to use.)

    4. Click the phone icon button to begin the session.

    When connected, you can find button controls to put the recipient on hold, mute your microphone and end the call.

    1. Open the patient profile or contact profile.

    2. Next to the patient or contact’s phone number, click the Icon-Phone.svg Call icon.


View call history logs

A phone communication report, with a list of phone calls displayed.

Halaxy Telehealth records call history logs for your practice group. Details in call logs include:

  • Practitioner calling (or practitioner the call was made on behalf of)

  • Call recipient

  • Call status

  • Call duration

  • Credit usage of call

You can access call history logs by running a phone communication report. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Reports > Communication.

  2. On the top right, click New Report.

  3. For Report Type, select Phone.

  4. (Optional) Set any other filters as needed.

  5. Click Run.



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