Void or unvoid a fee from an invoice

You cannot delete a fee if there is a claim history connected to it, for audit purposes. If you do need to remove a fee with claim history from an invoice, you can opt to void the fee instead, which hides the fee from the invoice and removes it from your patient’s balance.


Voiding a fee is also a good way to retain a record of an invoice (such as for cancelled appointments) without it affecting your Unpaid Invoices report or your account reconciliation.


Voiding a fee is different from deleting it or writing it off.

Voided fees are:

  • Hidden from an invoice

  • Not included in the invoice total amount

  • Not included in the Unpaid Invoices report

  • Not included in the patient’s outstanding fee balance

  • Tracked separately from written-off fees and invoices

  • Recorded only in the invoice settings

  • Can be unvoided

Void fees from invoices

  1. Open the invoice.

  2. Next to the fee, click the Icon-Bin.svg Delete icon.

  3. In the Remove Fee pop-up, select Void to hide the fee from the invoice.

  4. Click Save. The fee is now hidden from the invoice.

Unvoid fees from invoices

  1. Open the invoice.

  2. In the top-right, click the Icon-Settings.svg Settings icon.

  3. In the Invoice Settings pop-up, under the Voided / Write-off Fees & Charges section, click the Icon-Undo.svg Undo icon next to the fee.



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