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On Halaxy, patients can access their health records from their different practitioners even from different practices – all from one account on the patient portal. If a patient already has a Halaxy account linked to a practitioner from a practice unrelated to yours, you need to invite the patient to link with you to share records with them.

Connect to an existing patient account

  1. Go to the patient's profile

  2. Verify that the patient's email address listed in their profile is the same email they use to sign into their existing patient portal.

  3. Click the Invite to the portal link.

  4. In the Confirm Patient pop-up, you are informed that there is already a Halaxy patient portal linked with the patient's email address. Confirm their details by filling out the fields and ticking the checkbox next to Confirm that this is the correct user.

  5. Click Submit.

When the patient logs into their portal, they should be able to view the records related to you and any other practitioners they are already linked with.


Access may not be instant. Please allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

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