Edit an invoice

Invoices can be easily edited at any time. Whether you’ve made a typo or some treatment or details have just changed, your edits and updates can be made in just a few clicks.

Edit your invoice

Each section in your invoice is edited separately. See the table below for the invoice details you can edit and how you can edit them.




Details you can edit

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Invoice header

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • Invoice due date

  • Letterhead template to use

  • Invoice status

  • Payer the invoice is billed to

Icon-Settings.svg Settings icon


Practitioner details

  • Practice location details - address, contact details, ABN*

  • Identification numbers**

*Edit link

**Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon


Patient details

  • Patient details - name, date of birth, address, contact details*

  • Patient claim details**

  • Claimant details, if applicable**

  • Referral details**

*Edit link

**Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon


Fees and charges

  • Appointment/fee date

  • Fee name and description

  • Fee amount

  • Tax amount

  • Rebate amount

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  • Payment method

  • Payment amount

(Only payments made outside of Halaxy can be edited.)

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  • Notes

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Delete a fee from an invoice

  1. Go to the invoice.

  2. Under the Fees and Charges section, click the Icon-Bin.svg Delete icon on the invoice line you want to delete.

  3. In the Remove Fee pop-up, select one of the options:

    • Void to hide the fee from the invoice: Hides the fee on the invoice and the fee is not included in the invoice balance, but a record of the fee is retained. This hidden fee can be added back to the invoice in the Invoice Setting.

    • Delete the fee and completely remove it: Removes the fee without leaving a record.

    • Move the charge to another invoice: Moves the fee to another invoice. You can choose to move the fee to a new invoice or to an existing invoice with the same patient, payer, location, and practitioner. If there are no other invoices that match these same details, this option will not appear.

    • Write off invoice line as a bad debt: Settles the invoice but marks the fee as bad debt that can no longer be recovered. Invoice marked as such will not appear as an unpaid invoice.

  4. Click Save.


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