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Who can do this?

Practitioners: All access levels - with Prescriptions and Order Requests setting enable

Prescriptions are essential to medical practice. Halaxy allows practitioners to order and print paper prescriptions straight from the platform. It's a simple process for a basic service to quickly help patients in need of medication - at no extra cost.

The process comes in two parts:

Video Tutorial

Create the prescription

  1. In the patient's clinic note, click Add Order.

  2. In the window, fill out the following details:

    • For Order type, select Prescription.

    • Select the Ordering practitioner.

    • Enter the Order date and time.

  3. Click Create.

  4. You are taken back to the Clinical Notes screen where your new prescription record is created. Under the List of Drugs, click the Add a drug button.

  5. In the Add New Drug window, fill out the following details:

    • Prescribe as: PBS/RPBS (if subsidised by Medicare/DVA) or Private

    • Drug name and strength: search for the drug name and strength needed. For PBS/RPBS drugs, you must selected the specific PBS item needed.

    • Directions for use: complete either section A or section B. If you are filling out section A, you must complete all the fields.

    • Repeats and quantity: repeats and dispense quantity are required fields

    • Prescription notes: complete as needed. Depending on the drug prescribed, some fields in this section may be mandatory.

  6. Click Save.

Your prescription is now ready to be published.

Publish and print a paper prescription

  1. On the upper right corner, next to the Edit button, select the down arrow button.

  2. Click Publish, and then Continue.

  3. A window popup appears, asking for your prescription type. Select Paper.

  4. If you need to edit the prescription, select the down arrow button beside Print, then click Revert. You will need to click Publish again to save your changes.

  5. When all the details are final and the prescription is published, select Print. (You can choose to download or print the prescription as many times as needed.)


A paper prescription can still be edited after publishing, but it can no longer be edited once it has been printed.

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