Pay for an invoice using a contact's payment details


If a contact has card/payment details stored on their profile, you can process a patient's payments using one of their contact's card details instead of the patient's card details. This allows you process payments for a patient using a contact's card without billing the contact directly on the invoice.

To do this, you must enable card sharing for the specific patient-contact relationship when adding/editing a contact for a patient. Card sharing applies only to the specific patient-contact relationship; if you want multiple patients to be able to use the contact's card to pay, you must enable it for each patient-contact relationship separately:

The Edit Contact pop-up. The option "Share Credit Cards" is set to "Enabled".

Image: Enabling card sharing when editing a patient-contact relationship (expand image)

Once card sharing is enabled, you can select the card you want to use whenever you process a payment:

The Add Payment Details pop-up. The Credit Card drop-down menu has multiple cards belonging to different contacts.

Image: Selecting a contact's card details to pay for an invoice (expand image)

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