Intro to Halaxy Telehealth

Halaxy Telehealth is Halaxy’s built-in video and phone consultation feature. With Halaxy Telehealth, you can provide secure and affordable consultations remotely, right from your calendar. If you are exclusively using telehealth for your consultations, you can set this as the default for all your appointments.

There’s no need to sign up to an additional service or visit another website. Simply create an appointment and set the location to Halaxy Telehealth (for video) or Phone consultation (for phone).


To use Halaxy Telehealth, you must have a camera and/or microphone on your device.

Video tutorial

Using Halaxy Telehealth

For more detailed guides on how to use Halaxy Telehealth, see the following articles:

Allowing your browser to use your camera and microphone

To use Halaxy Telehealth, your browser must have access to your camera and/or microphone. Your browser will usually ask you whether you want to allow access when you join the session. However, if you or your patients are having trouble, please see the following articles on how to allow a camera and microphone in various browsers:


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