Halaxy Telehealth (In-built video and phone consultations)


Halaxy Telehealth is Halaxy's in-built video and phone consultation tool. With Halaxy Telehealth, you can provide secure and affordable video and phone consultations right from your Halaxy calendar.

There's no need to sign up to an additional service or visit another website for Halaxy Telehealth video consultations. Simply create appointments as usual, then set the appointment Location to "Halaxy Telehealth". That's all there is to it!

To use Halaxy Telehealth, you will need a camera and/or microphone. Please see these links for camera and microphone troubleshooting assistance.

Please click below to see a video on Halaxy Telehealth:

Halaxy Telehealth video consultations

Halaxy Telehealth video consultations cost 2 credits per 15-minute block per patient. You do not need to sign up or register for any additional service to use Halaxy Telehealth video consultations.

To create a Halaxy Telehealth appointment, simply add a patient to an appointment and then set the Location of the appointment to "Halaxy Telehealth" in the Appointment Information panel:


You can add up to three patients to a Halaxy Telehealth video consultation.

Each patient has a unique link to join the session. The email and SMS reminders for the appointment use your telehealth reminder templates, which automatically contain the link wherever you place the dynamic term [Video Consult Link]. You can also manually email the link from the Appointment Information panel.

After saving the appointment, you can access the waiting room for the video session by clicking Halaxy Telehealth in the Appointment Information panel:


The link to join a session only appears for appointments in the future, and it will be visible only to the booked for that appointment. This is to prevent accidentally starting the session and to ensure privacy and security.

If you need to create an appointment immediately, it is recommended that you create an appointment 5 minutes from now. This will allow you to join the session right away.


The video session begins once the clicks Join in the waiting room screen. Please note that the Join button will not appear until it is nearly time for the appointment to start:

Halaxy Telehealth waiting room screen for a patient as viewed on a mobile phone


Halaxy Telehealth video sessions cost 2 credits per 15-minute block per patient, starting from when you click Join. Please ensure you click the Disconnect button to end your session so that you do not use more time than intended. Credits are deducted at the end of the session. An estimated credit cost will be displayed before you begin.


If any party disconnects due to a poor connection, they can rejoin the session using the same link as long as they do not click the Disconnect button to end the session.

Halaxy Telehealth video consultation security and technical information

Halaxy Telehealth video consultations are built on Amazon Chime, one of the most secure video consultation platforms in the world. Chime itself is built on top of Amazon's AWS service, which is HIPAA-compliant and undergoes third-party audits by a variety of public sector and private sector auditing organizations in order to maintain its status under multiple compliance offerings, such as the credit card industry’s PCI DSS Level 1, the U.S. Government’s FedRAMP program, C5 Certification in Germany, and IRAP assessment by the Australian government.

When you start a Halaxy Telehealth video consultation, unique authorisation tokens are generated for you and your patients. These are required to join the session, so they help prevent unauthorised access and eavesdropping. Halaxy introduces you and your patients to a secure Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) server that hosts your meeting, which is subject to further audited controls that restrict access. This means your meeting takes place in an isolated virtual network accessible only by you and your patients. Your audio and video never actually passes through Halaxy servers, so Halaxy cannot access your audio and video, and at no stage is your data recorded (although we may make secure video recording available to you in the future).

Your audio and video are fully encrypted in transit to AES 256-bit standards, including Transport Layer Security (TLS), Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS), and Datagram Transport Layer Security-Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (DTLS-SRTP). These protocols help maintain the privacy and data integrity of your content as it traverses the Internet or any other network.

Halaxy Telehealth phone calls and consultations

Halaxy Telehealth phone calls can be used to contact both patients as well as professional contacts, with logs of your calls automatically saved for your records. You do not need a physical phone or landline. Only outbound calls are supported.

To make Halaxy Telehealth phone calls, you must subscribe for a dedicated number. This number will be used for your phone calls as well as your SMS reminders. If you do not have a dedicated number, the icon to make phone calls will not appear.

Once the call is complete, call records (such as date, time and duration) are automatically recorded in a phone communication report.

Halaxy Telehealth phone calls cost 1 credit per minute, in addition to the cost of subscribing for a dedicated number. If you reach the Silver, Gold or Platinum payment bands, you can subscribe for a dedicated number for free, , with the service remaining free as long as you remain in the Silver, Gold or Platinum bands.

Making a call

To make a standalone Halaxy Telehealth phone call, simply click the Call icon next to patient or professional contact's phone number on their profile or in the search bar:

In the Contact Details section, phone icons are highlighted next to the phone numbers

To make a Halaxy Telehealth phone consultation with an associated appointment and clinical notes, create an appointment as usual, then set the appointment Location to "Phone Consultation". You will be able to call the patient by clicking the Call icon in the Appointment Information panel:

Appointment Information panel. Location says Phone Consultation. Call icon is highlighted.

After you click the Call icon, a pop-up will appear that displays call information. If you are an Administrator or have access to multiple dedicated phone numbers, you can select which phone number to call from. Click the Call button to call. Once connected, you can use the buttons to put the recipient on hold, mute your microphone or disconnect the call:

User clicks the Phone icon the Contact Details and makes a call. A pop-up appears showing call time

Image: Making a phone call from a patient profile in Halaxy (expand image)

Phone communication report

Any calls you make via Halaxy Telehealth are recorded in the phone communication report. This report records the recipient, the connection status, the the call was made on behalf of, the start and end times of each call, and the credit usage of each call.

A phone communication report, with a list of phone calls displayed.

To run a phone communication report:

  1. Click Reports > Communication.

  2. Click New Report at the top-right of the page.

  3. In the Report Type field, select Phone.

  4. (Optional) Set any other filters as desired.

  5. Click Run.

Allowing your browser to use your camera and microphone

To use Halaxy Telehealth, your browser must have access to your camera and/or microphone. Your browser will usually ask you whether you want to allow access when you join the session. However, if you or your patients are having trouble, please see the following articles on how to allow a camera and microphone in various browsers:

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