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Halaxy integrates with Tyro Health (formerly Medipass) for processing private health claims from all major insurance providers in Australia. Tyro Health can also process workers insurance claims with Comcare and icare.

A Tyro Health integration means:

  • No terminals: Claims can be processed directly from a Halaxy invoice.

  • Seamless transactions: Patients can submit claims and approve payments through SMS authorisation.

  • Get paid fast: Patients can pay the gap free from their smartphone and you receive swift payment from insurers.

Processing an insurance claim with Tyro Health in Halaxy costs 1 credit.


If you have a Medipass account, you can follow this same process to connect to Halaxy.

Video tutorial

Connect your Tyro Health account with Halaxy

  1. Sign up for a Tyro Health account. (Note: You can share a Tyro Health portal with colleagues, but each practitioner must have their own Tyro Health account.)

  2. In your Tyro Health account, on the left panel, click Business Settings, then click the API Keys tab.

  3. Click Generate a New Key. When a new API key is generated, copy it by clicking Copy Key.

  4. In Halaxy, click Settings > Integrations.

  5. Under the Payments / Rebates section, next to Tyro Health, click Add API Key.


    An example of adding an API key from Tyro Health to your Halaxy integrations

  6. In the pop-up, configure the following:

    • Level: Select if you want to set up Tyro Health for your group, specific location or an individual practitioner. (This affects which users will be able to process Tyro Health claims in your Halaxy practice group.)

    • API Key: Paste the API Key you copied in Step 3.

    • Description (optional): Enter a description for this Tyro Health connection.

  7. Click Save.

Your Tyro Health and Halaxy accounts are now linked. Invoices with any fee under funder type Private now display a Tyro Online button. You are now ready to process private health, icare or Comcare claims with Tyro Health.



The Tyro Online button is for processing private health claims online using Tyro Health. This is different from the Tyro Claim button, which is processing private health claims physically using a Tyro EFTPOS terminal.


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