Can I use Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing tools for telehealth?


This article relates to setting up telehealth appointments using a different video conferencing program, like Zoom or Skype. Please see Halaxy Telehealth for information about the native Halaxy video consultation tool.

Halaxy allows you to record a telehealth link for any appointment and include it in your online consultation reminder templates, so you can use any video conferencing tool for telehealth with Halaxy.

Your online consultation reminder templates can be customised separately to the reminder templates used for face-to-face appointments. These templates are used only when you set the location of the appointment to Online Consultation and can include the dynamic term [Video Consult Link], which your patients can click to instantly join the video session.

Creating a telehealth appointment in Halaxy for another video tool

Once your online consultation reminder templates are set up, all you need to do is three things to create a telehealth session:

  1. Whenever you create a telehealth appointment, set the location to Online Consultation:

    In the Appointment Information panel, "Online Consultation" is selected for the Location
  2. Obtain the link to the video session from your external video provider, then copy the link into the Appointment Information by clicking the camera icon:

    The camera/telehealth icon in the Appointment Information panel is highlighted
  3. The link you copy into this section will appear in your reminder template where you have inserted the [Video Consult Link] dynamic term. Share the link with your patient by sending a reminder manually or waiting for the reminder to automatically send according to your reminder preferences.

RESULT: As long as your reminder template uses the [Video Consult Link] dynamic term, your patient will be able to click the link and join the video session.

Direct integration with Coviu

For a direct integration, Halaxy has partnered with Coviu to deliver video consultations within Halaxy itself, so you never have to leave your Halaxy calendar and never have to log in to a different website or application.

With Coviu, the video link will be automatically entered into the Appointment Information for you, and an icon will appear in the Appointment Information that allows you to instantly share the video link to patients via email.

Please see our main article on Coviu for instructions on how to set up and use Coviu in Halaxy for telehealth.

Scheduling a meeting in Zoom

You can schedule a meeting in Zoom to coincide with the appointments you create in Halaxy. You can then copy the meeting link from Zoom and share it with your patients through Halaxy.

To schedule a Zoom meeting:

  1. In Zoom, click Schedule.

    On the main menu for Zoom, "Schedule" is highlighted
  2. Enter the details of the meeting, such as start time and duration. You may wish to use your patient's name as the Topic of the meeting.

    The Schedule Meeting pop-up in Zoom
  3. Under Meeting ID, select "Generate Automatically".

  4. Under Video, select "On" for both host and participants if you want to use video. Select "Off" to make the meeting audio only.

  5. Click Save.

RESULT: The meeting is now saved in Zoom. You can click the Meetings tab to view a list of all your meetings:

A meeting in Zoom

Click Show Meeting Invitation to see the meeting invitation details. You can then copy the "Join Zoom Meeting" link and paste it into the "Record a Telehealth Link" section of an appointment in Halaxy by clicking the camera icon in the Appointment Information.

The camera/telehealth icon in the Appointment Information panel is highlighted


Zoom meetings have passwords by default. If your patient joins the meeting by manually entering the Meeting ID in Zoom rather than using the "Join Zoom Meeting" link, they will need to enter the password. They do not need to enter the password if they click the link.

For your convenience, you can record the password in the Comments section of the Appointment Information in Halaxy.

Creating a meeting in Skype

You can create a free meeting in Skype by following the steps below:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Create a free meeting.

  3. Click the link to copy the link to your clipboard.

    A Skype link for a conference call

You can then paste the link into the "Record a Telehealth link" section of an appointment in Halaxy by clicking the camera icon in the Appointment Information.

The camera/telehealth icon in the Appointment Information panel is highlighted

Sharing the meeting link with your patient via Halaxy

Once you have copied the invitation link from your external video provider into the "Record a Telehealth Link" section of the Appointment Information in Halaxy, you can easily share the link with your patients by sending them a reminder, manually or automatically.

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