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Halaxy is designed for sole practices, group practices and large multi-disciplinary practices alike. If you are a practice owner, you can:

  • Add new users to your practice group anytime, including practitioners and administrative staff

  • Set and customise each user’s access levels to records or certain areas in Halaxy, and

  • Assign users to practice locations so they can access records and begin their practice.

Within the same practice group, users can share patient records, locations, calendars, invoices, Halaxy credit settings, reminder settings, and more.


Practitioners can be members of multiple practice groups using just one email address to sign in, and can quickly switch between these groups when signed in. For data privacy and security, data between each practice group is separate and cannot be shared between groups, even if a user is a member of multiple groups.


When you add a user to your practice group, you cannot delete them, but you can deactivate them to remove their access.

Add a user to your practice group

  1. On the sidebar, click Settings > Users.

  2. For your practice group, click the Icon-Add-User.svg add user icon.

  3. In the pop-up, set the following:


    A user's access settings on Halax (click the image to expand)

    • Name: Enter the user’s title (optional), first name and last name.

    • Role Type: Select whether the user is a Practitioner or Administrator. (Practitioners are the healthcare professionals who see patients. Administrators are for non-practising administrative staff.)

    • Profession: Select the user’s profession.

    • Registration Number: Enter the user’s business registration number. (Practitioners only.)

    • Email / Confirm Email: Enter the user’s email address to sign in to their Halaxy account. If they are using Halaxy with another practice group, they can use the same email address.

    • Password / Confirm Password: Enter the user’s temporary password to sign in to their Halaxy account. They can change this when they first sign in. (Important: If you are inviting an existing Halaxy user, leave their password fields blank.)

    • Access: Select the access level for this user and select/deselect the access settings to customise the information they can access. For more information, see our article on access level settings.

    • Locations: Select the locations to assign this user.

  4. Click Save.

If the user is new to Halaxy, they are added to your practice group. They also receive a welcome email and onboarding emails to help them start using Halaxy.

If the user is an existing Halaxy user, they receive an invitation to join your practice group. They can accept or reject this invitation on their user page. If they accept, they can switch between practice groups anytime.


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