You can refund both invoice payments as well as deposits made for future sessions in Halaxy. You also have the option of converting payments into deposits, which can then be applied to the patient's other invoices (including future invoices) as an alternative to refunding a payment. This effectively allows to you transfer payment from one of the patient's invoices to another invoice.

For security purposes, payments can only be refunded to the same card from which they were originally processed, unless you are choosing a non-electronic method processed outside of Halaxy.

Refunds are taken from the credit card listed on your Settings > Payments page, in the Halaxy Credit Settings section. If a practitioner has an individual credit card set up, refunds will be taken from the individual practitioner's credit card. Otherwise refunds are taken from the group credit card.


If you process a refund back to the cardholder on the same day as the payment (before 9.00 PM AEDT), the funds are returned to the cardholder without issue from your linked credit card (not your bank deposit account).

If you process a refund back to the cardholder after 9.00 PM AEDT of the day of the payment, the funds are returned to the cardholder from Halaxy's merchant account and Halaxy will charge your card for the refund amount. This will appear automatically in your Expenses page.

Refund options

You can refund a payment processed through Halaxy in multiple ways:

  1. Refund the payment (full or partial) directly back to the cardholder;

  2. As a manual refund (full or partial) outside of Halaxy (this lets you reconcile your finances without actually using Halaxy to process the refund); and

  3. Converting the payment into a deposit that can be used on other invoices billed to the same payer.

Refunds are shown on the Payments section of the invoice as negative invoice lines.

How to refund a payment

To refund a payment in Halaxy:

  1. From the invoice, click Refund next to the payment you want to refund.

    The Refund button for an invoice line in the Payments section is highlighted
  2. The Refund Payment pop-up screen appears. Choose one of the following options:

    A pop-up titled Refund Payment, with different refund options
    • Refund online payment: This returns the specified amount back to the card used to process the payment.

    • Manual refund: This marks the refund as being processed outside of Halaxy. When selecting this option, you can specify the amount of the refund and select the method used to refund the payment. You can also add notes for your records.

    • Change payment to deposit: This converts the payment into a deposit that can be used on other invoices billed to the same payer.

  3. Click Submit.

For electronic payments, the Refund button may not appear if this is the first time the credit card is being used. If there is no option to refund the payment, please contact the Halaxy service team at

If you are refunding an electronic payment processed via Halaxy that you have already received, the refund will appear as a Halaxy charge on your credit statement and will also appear on your Expenses page within Halaxy with the description "Halaxy practitioner recoup". This is because refunds are processed from our merchant account; we then recoup the amount from your credit card on file. If you have not yet received the funds, no expense will appear, as the funds will simply not be transferred.


For security purposes, electronic payments can only be refunded to the same card from which they were originally processed, unless you are choosing a non-electronic method (i.e. manual refund).

Reusing payments as deposits on other invoices

If a refund is made as a deposit for future invoices, the deposit will be held on the patient’s General page. When you are ready to use the deposit for a payment, open an invoice issued to the same payer. A new button labelled Deposit will appear next to outstanding charges. Click the Deposit button to use the deposit to pay the invoice.

Converting a payment made through Halaxy into a deposit

If you have taken a payment processed via Halaxy, you can convert the payment into a deposit that can be used to pay for future invoices. This is a good alternative to refunding the payment.

Once an invoice has been paid, all you have to do is click Refund on the invoice.

In the pop-up, the option to change the payment to a deposit to use on other invoices appears:

In the Refund Payment pop-up, the user selects Change Payment to Deposit and re-uses the payment

Select this option and click Submit.

The deposit is then added to the patient’s General page and can be reused on any other invoice billed to this patient or organisation.

Converting an overpayment into a deposit at the time of processing

When processing a payment or marking an invoice as paid, you can convert any excess amount for the invoice into a deposit that can be used to pay for future invoices. This saves you from having to refund the overpayment.

You can convert overpayments into deposits whether the payment was made through Halaxy or simply marked as paid in Halaxy and processed via another method.

To convert the overpayment to a deposit:

  1. Process the payment using Halaxy's secure payments gateway.

  2. Input the payment amount.

  3. The pop-up will change, and Halaxy will ask you if the overpayment is to be added as a deposit.

    A pop-up titled Payment Method. The option "Add overpayment as a deposit" is highlighted.

    4. Select Yes and click Save.

RESULT: The overpayment is added as a deposit in the patient's General page and can be used to pay future invoices.

Refunding a deposit

When a patient pays a deposit for a future session, this will be saved on the patient's General page in the Appointments Overview section.

Once the deposit has been applied here, you can refund the deposit by following these steps:

  1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to Fee Balance.

    The Appointments Overview of a patient profile. The Edit icon next to Fee Balance is highlighted.
  2. A list of deposits appears. Beside the relevant deposit, click the Delete icon.

    A list of deposits in a patient's fee balance. The delete icon is highlighted for one of them.
  3. In the pop-up, select Refund online payment.

    The Refund Payment pop-up. The option "Refund online payment" is highlighted.
  4. Click Refund.

RESULT: The refund will be processed back to the cardholder and recorded in the patient's fee balance.

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