Link file attachments to clinical templates

You can upload files to a clinical template so that they automatically attach whenever you use the template. 

Attach files to a clinical template or tool

  1. Click Settings > Clinical.

  2. On the left panel, select the template you want to link.

  3. Under the Attachments section, click Add File.

  4. In the pop-up, click Upload File and select the file you want to attach.

  5. Enter the following settings:

    • Title: Enter a name for file.

    • Comments (optional): Enter a short description or note about the file.

    • Category: Select the visibility setting for this file.

      • Clinical: Visible only to the practitioner of the patient, and to users with Clinical or Full Access.

      • General / administrative: Visible to all users in your practice group.

  6. Click Save.

The file is now linked to the clinical template. Whenever you use this template, the file appears under the template in your patient's clinical notes.


You can link as many files as needed to the clinical template. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for each file.


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