Invite patients to the patient portal

Halaxy's patient portal enables patients to track their health, manage appointments, view shared clinical records, and pay for invoices.


If you cannot find the invite link, you need to enable patient portal invitations in Settings > General > Patient Portal.

Send a patient portal invitation

  1. Open the patient profile.

  2. Under the patient's name, click Invite to the portal.

    A patient profile. A link labelled "Invite to the portal" is highlighted beneath the patient name.
  3. Enter the email address of the patient and confirm the address.

    A pop-up titled "Invite your patient to Halaxy" with a field to add a message.
  4. (Optional) You can also add a message to include in the invitation email.

  5. Click Invite.

You have sent an invitation to the patient to join Halaxy. When they accept, you receive a notification on Halaxy.

The invitation contains instructions for the patient to accept the invite and set up their account.


If you are unable to send an invitation, check that the recipient email address is not currently registered to a practitioner.


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