View practitioner calendars

Who can do this?

All users and access levels – except practitioners on Personal Access

Having a wide overview of your practice’s calendars helps prevent any conflicts in scheduling. If you have multiple practitioners at your practice, you can quickly toggle the calendar to view schedules for individual practitioners or even multiple practitioners at once.

View calendar by practitioner

  1. From the calendar, click Day or Week.

  2. On the top right, click the practitioner name dropdown.

  3. Filter your calendar by using any of these location filters:

    • Tick and untick the checkboxes (not the practitioner names) to show or hide the appointments for practitioners. You can select as many as you need.

    • Click a profession name (not the checkbox) to show appointments only for all practitioners under that profession. This automatically deselects practitioners in other professions.

    • Click a practitioner name (not the checkbox) to show the appointments for that individual practitioner. This automatically deselects all other practitioners.


These settings are remembered the next time you view your calendar. Don't forget to reset your filters if you want to return to your default view.


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