Block out calendar dates for leave or holiday

If you have scheduled some time off from your practice, you may want to block out the calendar dates to ensure that no appointments will made for that time.

You can create a personal appointment that lasts a whole day, then repeat the appointment for the number of days that you are on leave.


If your time away is scheduled for a significant amount of time or if you will have it at regular intervals, you may want to set a temporary schedule instead.

Set calendar dates for leave or holiday

  1. From the calendar, select the first day of your scheduled time off, at the start of your opening hours.

  2. In the right panel, select the Personal tab and create a personal appointment. Enter your required details and configure the following settings:

    • Set Duration to last the entire day.

    • Optional: Choose your appointment colour and text colour if you want this appointment to appear on your calendar in a different colour.

    • Click Repeat Appointment and set the appointment to repeat every day until the end of your leave.

  3. Click Save.


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