LanternPay - NDIS, TAC and WorkSafe Victoria Claims


Halaxy integrates with LanternPay so you can process National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and WorkSafe Victoria claims within Halaxy. Claims automatically appear in your LanternPay practitioner portal, and payments are usually received in your account the next business day.

LanternPay claims processed via Halaxy cost 1 credit. Please see LanternPay's website for LanternPay fees. LanternPay fees may differ by claim type.

If you have any issues with LanternPay online claiming, please call LanternPay on 1300 526 837.


If you set up LanternPay prior to 17 June 2021, your existing connection (which will be marked as "depreciated") will only be able to process TAC claims.

However, you can create a new connection at no extra charge by following the steps on how to connect your LanternPay and Halaxy accounts (you will be able to remove your previous connection afterwards). This will allow you to process TAC, WorkSafe Victoria and NDIS claims.

Eligibility information

NDIS claims - Agency-managed claims and eligible plan managers

You can use LanternPay to process NDIS claims with the following compatible plan managers, as well as agency-managed (NDIA) claims. Other plan managers and self-managed claims are not supported.

For agency-managed claims, you must go through an additional registration process to sign up for NDIS APIs with LanternPay using their web form. This will register your interest with LanternPay, who will contact you to guide you through the process outlined at the link above. You will need a PRODA account to complete the process, which is expected to take ~5 business days. Claims will not be processed without going through the activation process with LanternPay directly.

WorkSafe Victoria claims - supported claims

LanternPay currently supports WorkSafe Victoria claims for general practitioners (GPs), pharmacy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Please see LanternPay's list of supported WorkSafe Victoria claims.

How to connect your LanternPay and Halaxy accounts

To begin processing TAC, WorkSafe Victoria or NDIS claims through LanternPay, you need to register with LanternPay at the LanternPay website. Details of the fees for LanternPay can be found on their site.

Once you've registered, you need to connect your LanternPay and Halaxy accounts. Follow the steps below:

  1. In Halaxy, click Settings > Integrations.

  2. In the Payments / Rebates section, click Add Connection next to LanternPay.

    The Payments/Rebates section, with the Add Connection button to the right of the LanternPay label.
  3. Select your LanternPay setting level depending on your practice's needs - there are three levels:

    • Group: Affects all practitioners in the group, allowing all practitioners to use the same account. Payments are processed to the one account.

    • Clinic: Affects all practitioners at the specified practice location only. Useful when multiple practice locations use different biller accounts, and payments are processed to different accounts depending on the practice location. You can choose the specific clinics that can process claims.

    • Individual: Affects a single practitioner only. These settings can be set to affect the practitioner at a specific location or across all their locations. You can nominate which practitioners will have access to the account.

  4. Add a description for your own records (e.g. "Lisa's LanternPay account") and select your discipline.

  5. Click Connect.

  6. You will be taken to a LanternPay login page. Log in using your LanternPay credentials and authorise the connection.


RESULT: Your LanternPay and Halaxy accounts are now connected. On any invoice with with a fee under the "Traffic VIC - TAC", "WorkSafe Vic" or "National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)" funders, you will see a new button labelled Process TAC, Process WorkSafe Victoria or Process NDIS in the Payments section of the invoice.

Processing TAC, WorkSafe Victoria and NDIS claims via LanternPay

To process a claim via LanternPay, you must:

  • use an eligible fee for an appointment (generally fees under the "Traffic VIC - TAC", "WorkSafe Vic" or "National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)" funders). It is highly recommended that you import the appropriate fees from Halaxy's global fee database.

  • set the invoice payer to "organisation" instead of "patient". You can click the cogwheel icon in the top-right of the invoice to change the payer. You can also configure the default payer in the patient's claim on their Funding page.

  • for NDIS claims, ensure the Funder Type is set to "NDIS"

  • ensure there is only one patient listed on the invoice (organisation invoices that contain multiple patients cannot be processed via LanternPay)

If all of the above criteria are met, you will see a new button on the invoice labelled Process TAC, Process WorkSafe Victoria or Process NDIS.

To process a claim:

  1. Click Process TAC, Process WorkSafe Victoria or Process NDIS. A pop-up appears:

  2. In the pop-up, use the "Provider Number" drop-down menu to select a relevant identification:

    • For TAC claims: You must select to submit the claim using your Medicare provider number or your AHPRA number. You can add these on your Identifications page or profile page respectively.

    • For WorkSafe Victoria claims: You must select to submit the claim using your Medicare provider number or your WorkSafe Victoria provider number. You can add these on your Identifications page.

    • For NDIS claims: You do not need to select an identification (the Provider Number drop-down menu does not appear).

  3. NDIS claims only: Select whether the claim is plan managed or agency managed. For agency-managed claims, you must create a service booking number in the NDIS portal and enter it in the service booking number field in Halaxy. If you are claiming a cancelled appointment, you must also select a cancellation reason.

    A pop-up titled NDIS rebate. Under "Patient funding", "Agency Managed" is selected.
  4. Tick the rebates you wish to claim. You can only claim rebates that are dated today or earlier (future-dated services cannot be claimed).

  5. Before processing, confirm that the details are correct. If applicable, check:

    • If the fee is an item-based fee (completion of reports for example), you can change the quantity;

    • If the fee is pro-rata based, and there was no appointment linked to this invoice, you can enter how many minutes the service is for;

  6. Click Process.

RESULT: The claim will be sent to LanternPay. You can track the claim status in your LanternPay online portal as well as on your Halaxy invoice.

You can also click the link in the Status column of your Halaxy invoice to see the claim history. For TAC claims, you can click the Page icon to see the online claim statement, which you can print if desired:

Click the link in the Status column to see a claim history. TAC claims have a claim statement.

Information required to complete a claim

To ensure your claims are approved, you should enter the following information into Halaxy:

Cancelling TAC claims

Claims that have been submitted and authorised can be cancelled before 5:00 pm AEDT between Monday and Friday by clicking the Cancel button on the invoice.

If you have a query related to a claim after payment, please contact LanternPay to discuss the claim on 1300 526 837.

Deleting a LanternPay connection

You can delete a LanternPay connection by clicking the Delete (X) icon next to LanternPay in Settings > Integrations:


To close your LanternPay account entirely, you will need to contact LanternPay directly on 1300 526 837.

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