Halaxy can integrate with Mailchimp to send out bulk email campaigns, newsletters, promotions etc. to patients. All you need is a Mailchimp account.

You can also use Campaigns in Halaxy send out bulk email or SMS messages.

How to integrate your Mailchimp account with Halaxy

Integrating your Mailchimp account with Halaxy syncs your patient list as an audience in Mailchimp. All patients with an email address will be synced, regardless of patient status. You can open the sync list in Halaxy to view additional details, including patient status and preferred name.

To integrate Halaxy with Mailchimp:

  1. Go to your profile in Mailchimp.

  2. Click the Extras drop-down from the menu at the top of the page.

  3. Click API Keys.

  4. Under API Keys, click Create a Key.

  5. An API key will then be generated and ready to use. You can copy this API key; this will be used to integrate Mailchimp in your Halaxy account.

Once you have your API Key, you can integrate your Mailchimp account with Halaxy in the Integrations page in your settings. To do so:

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click the Edit icon beside Mailchimp in the Marketing section.

    In the Marketing section of the Integrations page, the Edit icon next to Mailchimp is highlighted
  3. The Configure Mailchimp pop-up appears. In the API Key field, paste the API key generated from your Mailchimp account.

    A pop-up titled Configure Mailchimp
  4. Tick the Enabled checkbox.

  5. Fill out the rest of the details.

  6. Click Submit.

RESULT: Your Mailchimp account will now be integrated with your Halaxy account, and your patient list at the group level will be created as an audience in Mailchimp. Depending on the size of your patient list, this can take several hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to integrate my Mailchimp account, but I keep getting an error 403 - user action not permitted. What does this mean?

You will receive this error if you have a free plan or have a restriction on the number of audience lists in your Mailchimp account.

When Halaxy integrates with Mailchimp, it will add a new audience to the user's account. Accounts on the free Mailchimp plan may only contain a single audience, so when a user on a free plan attempts to create a new audience in the Mailchimp application, they will be prompted to upgrade to a plan that can accommodate this. However, when this is attempted over the API, this error will be generated.

If you receive this error, you can:

  • remove the audience list(s) that you have currently added to Mailchimp and then re-integrate your accounts using the steps above;

  • update the audience list that you have currently added in Mailchimp manually;

  • upgrade your Mailchimp plan;

  • use Halaxy's Campaigns feature to send out bulk email/SMS messages instead

Halaxy Campaigns allow you to send out newsletters, updates, promotions etc. in bulk to an unlimited number of users, as frequently as you would like with no restrictions. You can include your own content, and email campaigns are free (SMS campaigns cost credits in line with SMS reminders).

For more information on campaigns, check out our blog article or support guide article.

Can I export my Patient List to Mailchimp?

Your Patient List is automatically synced at the group level when you integrate Mailchimp with Halaxy. You can also manually export your patient list by clicking Patients > Patient List and then clicking the Export icon in the top-right of the page. You can then manually add these email addresses to your Mailchimp audience list.

How will I know if a patient's details have been automatically synced to Mailchimp?

You can check the syncing status of your Patient List by running a patient report and setting the report type to Mailchimp in Halaxy.

Why is my Mailchimp audience smaller than expected?

Only patients with an email address in Halaxy are synced. Ensure that your patients have email addresses, then try again. You may need to delete or recreate the audience in Mailchimp and integrate Mailchimp and Halaxy again.

When I run a Mailchimp sync report, it says "The requested resource could not be found". What does this mean?

You will receive this error if your Halaxy mailing list/audience in Mailchimp is deleted or lost. To fix this error, you will need to resync your Halaxy and Mailchimp accounts to recreate your mailing list/audience.

To resync your accounts:

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click the Edit icon next to Mailchimp.

  3. Copy the API Key (CTRL+C) and then delete it, then click Submit.

  4. Click the Edit icon next to Mailchimp again.

  5. Paste the API Key (CTRL+V) back into the API Key field, then click Submit.

RESULT: Halaxy will re-establish the connection with Mailchimp and re-export your patient list to Mailchimp.

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