What is Halaxy?

Halaxy is a free practice management platform built and designed for healthcare professionals.

Every aspect of running a healthcare practice - from patient records to claims processing to appointment scheduling - is streamlined and can be automated on Halaxy. By reducing your admin tasks, Halaxy helps you focus on the most critical part of your work: treating patients.

The Halaxy system is tailored to the needs of any healthcare practitioner in any country in the world, and can be used anywhere, anytime, without the need to install any software.

To get started, just sign up for an account! 


Using Halaxy in your practice

You can use Halaxy to:

Best of all, Halaxy's workflow is designed for you to easily run your practice from one screen - your calendar!

Just by managing your appointments, every other aspect of your practice is automatically handled. Halaxy doesn't just reduce your administration — we remove it entirely.

Getting started with Halaxy

  • Are you thinking of using Halaxy for your practice? Sign up for an account and try it out! It's free - and no credit card required!

  • Are you new to Halaxy? Our Getting Started articles should help you set up your practice and begin using Halaxy - it takes less than five minutes!

  • Do you prefer visual learning? Check out our tutorial videos to learn basic tasks and how to navigate the Halaxy interface.

  • Is your practice already on Halaxy? Use this Help Guide's search bar and content navigation on the main page to find what you need.

Thank you for using Halaxy. We're so pleased to have you on board!



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