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Processing rebates individually can be time-consuming, especially if your practice has a large volume of invoices. As an alternative, you can process practitioner and patient rebates in batches, saving you both time and effort. The rebates are paid in the same way and at the same time as with individually processed rebates.

For batched processing, a finance report is used to generate a list of invoices with unprocessed rebates.

Batch process your rebates

  1. Click Reports > Finance.

  2. On the top right, click New Report.

  3. In the report, for Report Type, select Unprocessed Rebates.

  4. (Optional) Configure any of the following optional filters. To include all in a specific filter, leave blank.

    • Appointment Age: Enter the number of days to include prior to the present date. (Example: If today is Saturday and you enter 5 days, the report will include claims from appointments starting from Monday.)

    • Practitioner: Select the servicing practitioner/s for the fees with unprocessed rebates.

    • Location: Select the location/s of the fees with unprocessed rebates.

    • Patient: Select the patient invoices with unprocessed rebates.

    • Type: Select the type/s of rebates you want to process.

  5. Click Run.

  6. A list of invoices with unprocessed rebates are displayed in the results. From here, you have the following options:

    • Process all rebates: Click Process All in the top right.

    • Process selected rebates: Tick the checkboxes for your selected invoices, then click Process Selected at the bottom of the page.

    • Process individual rebates: Click the process rebate link for each listed invoice you want to process.

After you confirm to process, the rebates begin to process in the background. You can continue to use Halaxy while this is happening.

When processing is completed, a green notification button appears next to your name in the top right. Click the notification button to view which rebates were successfully processed and which rebates failed (which you can rectify and reprocess).


If an invoice balance displays in red, Medicare will send the patient the rebate as a cheque in your name to the patient's address. To prevent this from happening, make sure the invoice is marked Paid before you process the rebate.


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