Assign clinical tools to patients


When you have created a clinical tool in Halaxy, you can assign the tool to a patient to fill out online via their patient portal before their appointment. This lets you make the most of your session time.

To assign a tool to a patient:

  1. Go to the patient's profile and click the Clinical Notes tab.

  2. Click New Clinical Note at the top-right of the page.

  3. Import the template by clicking Templates in the editor:

    On a clinical note, the Templates button is highlighted
  4. Click the clinical tool template you want to import from the left-hand side list, then click Save. The template should now be imported into the clinical note.

  5. Click the triangle next to the blue Save button and click Assign.

The drop-down menu for a clinical note. The Assign option is highlighted.

RESULT: The tool is assigned to the patient in their Halaxy patient portal for them to complete. When they have completed and saved the tool, it is updated in your list of clinical notes for that patient and you receive a notification in Halaxy (if you have notifications turned on in your Patient Portal settings).

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