Run a recurring report

Recurring reports can save you time by allowing you to run the same report on an ongoing basis. The report is updated with new information since the previous instance, allowing you to keep tabs on your practice using consistent criteria.

Recurring reports run automatically in the background, so you can open them anytime to see the most recent results for your practice.

Set up a recurring report

  1. Run the report.

  2. At the bottom of the result list, click Save.

  3. In the pop-up, enter a title and description, then click + Regular report.

    The words "Regular report" in the Save Report pop-up are highlighted, allowing for recurring reports
  4. In the expanded pop-up, set the following parameters:

    Settings to repeat a report every weekday in the Save Report pop-up
    • The frequency of the report

    • The end date / number times it should repeat (leave blank to keep ongoing)

    • The scheduled time of the day to automatically run the report

  5. Click Save.

Your report is set to run at the specified times according to your schedule.

Every recurring report generated overwrites the previous version each time. If you wish to save a copy, make sure to export before the next schedule.


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