Set your calendar preferences

You can further customise the information displayed on your calendar by setting your calendar preferences.

To open your calendar preferences: in the top right of your calendar, click the Icon-Settings.svg cogwheel icon.


Refer to the tables below for details on all calendar preferences.

Calendar View

The Calendar View preferences relate to the time and days shown on your calendar and appointment visibility.



Time Zone

The default time zone used to display your calendar, practice hours and appointments throughout Halaxy for your account.

Start Time / End Time

The time range displayed on your calendar.

Note: It is still possible for an appointment to be made outside of this range by manually changing the appointment time or if you have configured your available hours to be outside this range. If this occurs, you cannot see the appointment in your calendar unless your change the displayed start and finish times

Appointment Visibility

Show All: Show all appointments in the calendar, including cancelled and non-attended appointments, which are displayed with dimmed colours and their time labels with a strikethrough.

Hide cancelled/non-attended: Cancelled and non-attended appointments do not appear on your calendar.

Days to show

All: Show all days on your calendar, including weekends.

Weekdays only: Show only weekdays on your calendar.

Start week on

Select whether the calendar week begins on a Sunday or Monday.

Appointment Event

The Appointment Details preferences relate to how appointment and patient information are displayed on appointments in the calendar.


Example of information you can quickly display on a calendar appointment



Status colour

Show: Change the appointment time label colour depending on the appointment status.

Hide: The appointment time label colour remains in white, regardless of appointment status.

Note: Appointments with coloured two-way reminders have time labels regardless of this setting. Time label colours only apply to appointments scheduled from today onwards. They do not apply to previous days in the calendar.

Clinical note status

Show: Display the status of the appointment clinical notes with an icon.

Hide: Do not display the status of the appointment clinical notes.


Appointment Clinical Note Status


Appointment clinical note content is empty


Appointment clinical note is in draft status


Appointment clinical note has been assigned to the patient to complete in the patient portal


Appointment clinical note has been published

Payment label

Icon: Display the payment method or status with an icon.

Text: Display the payment method or status with text.

Note: Clicking the icon or text will take you to the appointment invoice.


Payment Method/Status


Partially paid, pending, or partially pending


Auto payments (you have automatic payments set up for this invoice)

Stored Credit Card (you have the patient's credit/debit card on file)


Manual payments (you have manual payments set up for this invoice and do not have the patient's credit/debit card on file)


Invoice paid in full


Invoice overpaid

Invoice send status

Show or hide the send status of the appointment invoice.

Note: Payment label must also be enabled to use this setting.


Invoice Send Status


Invoice has been sent but failed


Invoice has been successfully sent

Appointment comment

Show or hide appointment comments on the calendar.

To view comments, click the appointment to open the Appointment Information panel.

Patient fee balance

Show or hide the patient’s fee balance on the Appointment Information panel. If the patient's balance is 0.00, it will not be shown.

New patient icon

Show or hide a star icon indicating if the patient booked for the appointment is attending your practice for the first time.

Note: To protect patient privacy, whether or not the new patient icon is displayed may depend on the user's access level. For example, if a Personal Access practitioner cannot see that another practitioner at your practice has previously seen the patient, the icon will be displayed for the Personal Access user as though the patient is new. However, a Full Access user who can see appointments with the previous practitioner will not be shown the icon.

Patient age

Show or hide the patient’s age on the calendar.

Patient name format

Select the format and level of detail on how to display your patient’s name on the calendar.

  • Full details: Preferred name and last name with contact number

  • Full details + primary contact: Preferred name and last name with their emergency contact and their contact number

  • First name + last name: Preferred name and last name

  • First name + initials: Preferred name and first letter of last name

  • Initials: First letters of preferred name and last name

  • Anonymised: Display only patient ID (e.g. HX-1234)

Location Hours Colour

Your practice hours for each location are shaded on the calendar with the Open Hours colour you set in the location's settings. This section only lets you view your current colours but you can select and change colours for each location in the Locations page.

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