Import an annotatable image into a clinical note

For some professions, clinical work involves visually documenting specific areas of the body that need focus, treatment or care. 


For example:

  • A physiotherapist may need to mark areas of injury on a patient.

  • A gastroenterologist may want to explain to a patient what's causing their digestive problems.

With Halaxy's preset templates, you can import images as clinical templates quickly into a clinical note. After importing, you can write on or add text to the image.

Import an image template to a clinical note

  1. Open the clinical note.

  2. In the template editor, click the Templates button.

  3. In the pop-up, search for the image template you want to import. To preview an image, click the arrow beside the template name. (Tip: Use the search terms "image", "body" or "chart".)

  4. To import the image template, click the template name.

When the image template is imported, you can start annotating the image.

Create your own annotatable image template

If you can't find the image template you want to use from the preset library, you can create your own.

  1. Click Settings > Clinical.

  2. On the top right, click New Template.

  3. In the pop-up, under Create New, click New tool template.

  4. In the template editor, configure the following:

    • Template Name: Enter a title to label your template so you can quickly find it in your template list.

    • Category: Select the category for your template to appear under in the template list. You can create your own category.

    • Description: Enter a short description for your template. The description appears when you hover your mouse over the template in the template list.

    • Status: Select whether this template is Active or Archived. Only Active templates can be used in clinical notes.

    • Scoring: Select No scoring.

  5. Under Questions / Fields, follow these steps:

    • Click Save.

      • Click Add Question.

      • For Question / Title, enter the question for your image. This can be a label (e.g. Areas of Injury) or a question (e.g. Where are the painful areas?). In the dropdown, click to add it as a new template question.

      • In the Add Template Question pop-up, for Answer Type, select Annotatable drawing / image.

      • Click Add File, then upload the image you want to use. Click the uploaded image to select it for this question.

  6. To add multiple annotatable images to your template, repeat all the items in Step 5.

  7. To save your template, click Save.

Your annotatable image template has been created. You can now import it into your clinical notes (see previous section).

Guide to annotating images

Here is a quick guide on how to mark up images in a clinical note:

  • Tools (pink box): Select a tool to annotate the image with.

  • Tool options (blue box): Customise your tool, such as colour or size. (if applicable)

  • Controls (red box): Use any of these controls while editing.

    • Revert to original image

    • Undo and redo

    • Zoom options


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