Request assignment of benefit for Medicare bulk billing

Services Australia requires practitioners to obtain assignment of benefit approval from patients for bulk billed telehealth services.

In Halaxy, you can quickly request an assignment confirmation by sending the unpaid bulk bill invoice to your patient via SMS or email containing a payment link. When the patient clicks the link, they can view the invoice and confirm the assignment with just a click of a button.


This feature is only available for unpaid bulk bill invoices. This means the invoice must be unprocessed and contain a Medicare fee, where the Rebate is the same value as the Amount.

Request patient approval for bulk billing

  1. Open the invoice.

  2. In the top right, click the Icon-Send.svg paper plane icon.

  3. In the pop-up:

    • Click the Email or SMS tab for how you want to send the payment link.

    • In the Message editor, enter your message to the patient and insert the [Payment Link] dynamic term. (Recommended: Add instructions for your patients on what they need to do.)


      Example of adding a payment link to an invoice email

  4. Click Send.

You have sent the patient a link to their invoice, where they can assign the bulk bill benefit to you.


Save time and use a communication template just for requesting assignment of benefit from patients. Instead of re-typing the message every time, you can just select the template in the Send Invoice pop-up.

Guide for patients

When the patient opens the payment link, they are taken to their invoice. To assign the benefit, they must follow these steps:

  1. In the invoice, click Assign Benefit.

  2. In the pop-up, select the patient name for signing. (If a parent or guardian is signing on behalf of the patient, they should select Other then enter their name.)

  3. Click Save.

After the patient confirms the benefit assignment, you receive a notification in Halaxy. When you process the bulk bill rebate, the assignment confirmation is automatically added to your claim.

Your patient's signed confirmation is also attached to your invoice as a PDF file.



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