Perform an ECLIPSE eligibility check

With Medicare ECLIPSE fully integrated in Halaxy, practitioners can check a patient's eligibility from the invoice prior to lodging a claim.

An eligibility check requests an approximate quote on what the health fund will (or will not) cover. For patients who are Medicare cardholders, an eligibility check may also provide a quote for any coverage provided by Medicare.

There is no charge for ECLIPSE eligibility checks.


You must complete the ECLIPSE set up before you can perform an eligibility check.


An eligibility check provides only an approximate quote. It is not used for claiming and may not provide the exact amount that will be covered by the health fund.

Perform a patient eligibility check

  1. Open the patient invoice with the private health fee/s added.

  2. Under the Payments section, next to In-Patient Claim, click the down arrow, then click Eligibility Check.

  3. In the pop-up, if you have multiple fees on the invoice, select the fees you want to include in the eligibility check.

  4. Click Additional Information to expand the eligibility check form and complete the form to your requirements. (For information on completing this form, please refer to Medicare's eligibility check guide or contact Medicare support for assistance.)

  5. Click Process.

The patient's eligibility statement appears in a modal.

The quote on a patient's eligibility check can vary per date, so you can perform an eligibility check multiple times for the same claim.

Manage eligibility check history


Under the Payments section of the invoice:

  • The Eclipse Eligibility Check row displays the date of the most recent eligibility check performed.

  • To view the most recent eligibility statement, click View Statement.

  • To view previous eligibility checks, click the Complete status.

Print or email an eligibility statement

  1. Click View Statement to open the eligibility statement.

  2. In the pop-up, click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon to prepare the statement as a PDF file.

  3. In the new window, in the top right:

    • To print the statement, click the printer icon.

    • To email the statement, click the download icon to save the document, then email it to your patient.


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