Track patient prescriptions

If you want to quickly view a complete drug prescription history for each patient, you can track prescription orders in the clinical dashboard. The dashboard allows you to view all prescriptions at a quick glance without having to locate them individually in your clinical notes. 

Set up the clinical dashboard to track prescriptions

You must first set up the clinical dashboard template to track history of prescription orders.

  1. Click Settings > Clinical, then click the Dashboard tab.

  2. Open the dashboard template you want to set up.

    • For the group's default dashboard: Under the Group Dashboard section, click Edit dashboard.

    • For an individual practitioner: Under Practitioner Dashboards section, next to the practitioner name, click the Icon-Plus.svg plus icon (to create a new template) or Icon-Edit.svg edit icon (to edit an existing template).

  3. In the dashboard template, under the Tool / Template section, click Add Tool / Template.

  4. In the search box, enter Prescription Order Form.

  5. Click Save.

Prescriptions are now tracked in the clinical dashboard of patient profiles. (This applies only for the dashboard templates you added the Prescription Order Form to.)

View prescription list for a patient

After you have added the Prescription Order Form to the clinical dashboard template, you can view the prescription list in the patient profile clinical dashboard.

  1. Open the patient profile.

  2. Click the Clinical Dashboard tab.

The patient's prescription and dosage history appears in their clinical dashboard.



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