Halaxy Release Notes

July 2024

  • Patient arrival notifications: When a patient's appointment status is set to Arrived, the appointment practitioner receives an instant notification. Learn more.

  • 2FA required for all users: Two-factor authentication is now mandatory for all Halaxy users. Enable multiple methods to have a backup 2FA method in case you cannot access your primary method. Learn more.

  • Halaxy Telehealth screen sharing: Enhance your remote consultations by sharing a window or your entire screen with patients. Learn more about telehealth.

  • Disable online bookings for specific patients: Prevent individual patients from booking appointments from your online bookings page. Learn more.

  • Disable note sharing for specific patients: Prevent individual patients from sharing notes and updates from their patient portal. Learn more.

  • Admin note tasks: Create and assign tasks straight from any admin note.

  • New filter for appointment reports: Filter your appointment reports by your custom patient labels.

  • Preset fee updates: A number of Medicare rebates as well as a number of other payment rates increased on 1 July. You can update your preset fees for the following funders now:

    • Medicare

    • TAC

    • Worksafe VIC

    • WorkCover QLD

    Learn how to update preset fee pricing.

June 2024

  • Multiple 2FA methods: Enable multiple two-factor authentication methods to allow you to authenticate with an alternative if you cannot access your primary method. Learn more.

  • Whitelist IP address for 2FA: With IP whitelisting, you'll only need to do 2FA when logging in from a new device or location. Streamline your login process while still protecting your account. Learn more.

  • New login alerts: Send email notifications to users in your practice group when their account has a new sign-in from a new location or device. Learn more.

  • Sync Halaxy invoice numbers to Xero: New setting to use the same invoice numbers on Halaxy and Xero. Enabling this syncs the Halaxy invoice number to the Xero invoice. Learn more about Xero syncing.

  • Bulk patient status update: Apply a bulk status update to multiple patients in a case load report. Learn more.

  • Custom contact relationships: Create your own custom relationship options for patient contacts. Learn more.

  • Custom channels for admin notes: Create your own custom channel options for admin notes. Learn more.

  • Appointment status on invoice: Show the patient's appointment status (such as attended or cancelled) on the invoice line. This setting applies to the practice group and can be enabled in your invoice template preferences.

  • Custom preference for referral selection: Configure your preference for how referrals are automatically selected in appointments. You can mark referrals are preferred or inactive. Learn more.

  • New Halaxy Webinars: We relaunched Halaxy webinars and have kicked off the new onboarding series. Look out for our live session registrations or watch our recorded sessions.

May 2024

  • Appointment cancellation confirmations: Automatically send an SMS or email notification to patients when their appointment is cancelled. Learn more.

  • Appointment reports: Include patient details in appointment reports.

  • Auto Payments report: Include bank account details as a new column for Auto Payments reports.

April 2024

  • Invoice send status icon: Display a Icon-Invoice-Send-02.png paper plane icon on the calendar appointment as a quick visual indicator if its invoice has already been sent out. This preference can be added in your calendar preferences.

  • Profile training status: Practitioners who are still undergoing training can add a training status label on their profile. You can add your training status when you edit your profile.

  • New remittance method for processing fees: Select how you want to remit processing fees to Halaxy. By default, processing fees are automatically deducted from payments before they are deposited to your bank account. You can now opt to have full payments deposited to your bank account first, then have processing fees charged to your stored credit card as an expense. You can configure this setting in your processing fees preferences.

  • Additional Administrator access settings: New user access settings are available for Administrator users on Contact Access. This includes allowing or restricting their access to fax, secure messages and intake forms.

March 2024

  • Practitioner signatures: Add your signature to your profile, which allows you to sign clinical notes and clinical orders in just a few clicks. Learn more.

  • Labels: Add your own custom labels to patient, professional contact or organisation profiles to manage your records the way you want. Learn more

  • Clinical note locking: Enable your clinical notes to lock permanently and automatically at a set schedule after they are published, preventing anyone to revert or edit the note, including its owner. Learn more

  • Private mode for patient profiles: Set a patient profile to private mode, allowing only the practitioners who are treating a patient - or given shared access - to view the patient's profile, find them in the Patient List, and select them for appointments. Learn more

  • Conditional questions: Set up any question to display additional questions based on a patient's answer. Applies to clinical question templates, patient intake forms, clinical tools and social history forms.

  • Multiple letterhead templates: Create multiple clinical letterhead templates for your group, location or practitioners. Whenever you print, email or fax a clinical note, you can select which letterhead you want to use.

  • Xero two-way syncing: We've added a Xero sync preference to enable invoice payments recorded in Xero to automatically update invoices in Halaxy.

  • New contact history icon: Email and SMS history for patients, professional contacts and organisations have moved under a consolidated Icon-Bubbles.svg contact history icon.

  • Medicare fees update: The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) has released updated fee rebates, including for psychiatry. If you are using preset Medicare fees, don't forget to update them. For the complete list of changes, see this article from MBS Online.

January 2024

  • Discount codes: Create discount codes for patients to use for online bookings and packages. Discounts can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the fee total. Learn more.

  • Send invoice before the appointment: Invoice due dates can now be set to a negative number, making the due date before the appointment date. This allows you to send an invoice payment link and get paid before an appointment. Learn more.

  • Note sharing with Administrators: Clinical notes can now be shared with Administrator users.

  • Preferences for preset fee importing: By default, all preset fees relevant to professions in your practice group are available to import. You can restrict preset fee importing for each user to their geographic region and only to their own profession. Learn more.

  • Invoice merging preference: You can set a preference on which fees in your practice group are allowed to be merged in invoices. For example, you may only want to merge fees linked to the same location or the same practitioner. Learn more.

  • Manual tax rate: When you set or edit pricing for a fee (from the Fees List or on an invoice), Tax Rule includes a new option to set the fee tax manually.

  • Patient-practitioner read-only access: When granting another practitioner access to a patient, you can limit them to read-only access and restrict them from editing any of the patient's records.

  • Improved annotatable images: Our upgraded annotatable image clinical tools now have more options for drawing and writing. Learn more.

November 2023

  • User time zone: Set or switch the time zone for your own account. Always stay on top of your schedule - no matter where you, your practice or your patients are. Learn more.

  • Dynamic data: Insert dynamic data into your clinical notes to automatically populate with patient data from clinical templates - such as scores from clinical tools or even answers to specific questions. Learn more.

  • Assignment of Benefit requests: Send your bulk bill patients a link to their invoice page where they can confirm assignment of benefit, which is automatically attached to your claim to Medicare. Learn more.

  • Package validity: The new Validity setting allows you to select the locations and practitioners with whom package fees can be booked. Learn about packages.

  • Invoice files: Upload and attach files to any invoice. Learn more.

  • Invoice terminology: Invoices can be renamed to "Tax Invoice" or "Bill". There is also an additional option to label paid invoices as "Receipts" when printed, downloaded or sent. Learn more.

  • Telehealth links via SMS: You can now send your Halaxy Telehealth links manually to your patients via SMS from the appointment panel. Learn about sending telehealth links.

  • Two-way calendar bulk deleting: If you are deleting more than 3 appointments from your external calendar, you must review and confirm the appointments to also delete them in Halaxy. Learn about two-way calendar syncing.

  • Verifications update: Practices with at least one verified practitioner automatically provide access to certain features to all its practitioners. Practitioners are still required to get their individual profiles verified to be listed in the Halaxy directory and take online bookings.

October 2023

  • Expanded gender diversity settings: Gender field preferences now apply to practitioner, administrator and professional contact profiles. Learn more

  • Blur video background: Halaxy Telehealth now offers the option to blur your background for video calls.

  • Redesign for clinical templates: Improved design for creating and importing clinical templates and tools.

  • Link SMS messages to reminders: If replies to SMS reminders don't register as responses, you can link the message to a reminder to save and track it as a reminder response. Learn more.

  • eRx integration: Halaxy e-script services have transitioned from MediSecure to eRx.

  • ICD-10 codes: Enable ICD-10 for your practice group, which allows you to add ICD-10 codes to fees, which display on the invoice. Available in selected countries. Learn more.

September 2023

  • ECLIPSE: Lodge your hospital / in-patient claims with private health insurers straight from your Halaxy invoice. Learn how to set up ECLIPSE.

  • Invoice CRNs for BPAY: Set your BPAY preference to generate a unique CRN per invoice, allowing you to track each BPAY payment individually.

  • Comcare claims via Medipass: Our Medipass integration now processes Comcare claims straight from invoices. Learn how to process Comcare claims.

  • Print templates for clinical orders: If you would like to digitally complete and print onto custom clinical order forms for imaging and pathology labs, you can now import or set up your own printing templates customised to the forms. Learn more.

  • Self data import: The new self-data import feature allows practitioners and administrators to quickly and easily transfer patient records directly to Halaxy. Learn more.

  • Email status updates: Get notified when an email you've created fails to send to your intended recipient.

  • Tyro Health update: Medipass has rebranded to Tyro Health, leading to some minor updates on invoices and Halaxy's integrations page.

August 2023

  • Care team: Add your patient's care team to their profile so you can easily get in touch with them. Learn more.

  • Clinical goals: Enable goals for tracked data on the clinical dashboard. You can set a global goal for all patients, or an individual goal for each patient.

  • Sell packages online: Enable packages to be available for online purchase in your directory profile. (Note: Online bookings must be enabled to use this feature.)

  • SMS intake form: Manually send patient intake forms via SMS.

  • SMS payment link: Manually send secure payment links for invoices via SMS. (Available only for invoices billed to patients.)

  • Whole day billing: If you use automatic daily payments processing, there is an added option to process payments for all pre-scheduled appointments between 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. (For example, if your automatic daily processing time is at 9:00 AM, you'll also process payments for the day's appointments pre-scheduled for past 9:00 AM, up until 11:59 PM. However, if a patient walks in that same day at 2:00 PM, their payment will be processed the following day.)

  • Early billing: As part of the whole day billing (previous item), you can also opt to charge payees in advance for their appointments - up to 3 days prior - to reduce no-shows.

  • Practitioner address privacy: Added option to hide your complete address in practitioner directory profile preferences.

  • Organisation files: Upload file attachments to organisation profiles.

  • New access settings: Settings added to user access to enable/disable users in processing electronic payments (Auto Payments and Paypal) and refunds.

July 2023

New releases

  • Admin notes: Add non-clinical notes to a patient’s profile to log contact with patients, such as follow-up calls or ad-hoc discussions. Learn more

  • Snippets: Create reusable content - such as text, images, links - that you can insert quickly into clinical notes and clinical templates. Learn more

  • Events: Create an activity or note for yourself that you can pin to a day in your calendar, without blocking a specific timeslot. Learn more

  • Calendar for Administrators: Administrators can now set their own work hours and mark timeslots for duties or personal appointments. Learn more

  • Custom drugs: Can’t find a drug on the PBS or Private database? Create it as a custom drug, available for prescribing practitioners in your practice group. Learn more

Feature updates


Calendar & Appointments

  • Add to Calendar: Attach an Add to Calendar link for appointment reminders or booking confirmations emails via dynamic term. Learn more

  • Online booking label: When you hover over a calendar appointment, the preview indicates if appointment was booked online and includes a timestamp.

  • Patient name format: A new option for patient name format - First Name + Last Name - is added to calendar preferences.

  • Appointment type level setting: Assign specific locations or practitioners when creating new appointment types.

Patient Profiles

  • Patient profile photo: Identify your patients and keep track of them by uploading a profile photo to their patient profile. Learn more

  • Multiple patient alerts: Users can add up to 3 alerts for each patient profile. Learn more

  • Custom patient types (veterinarians only): Manage animal types for your patient profiles, customised to your veterinary practice. Learn more


Online Bookings

  • Specialised intake forms: Automatically send different intake forms for specific fees or appointment types to patients after completing an online booking.

  • Terms and conditions: Add your own terms and conditions and require patients to agree for online bookings, available in online booking preferences.

  • Request date of birth: Add a date of birth field in the online booking form, available in online booking preferences.


  • Direct communication: Send an email or SMS to professional contacts and organisations from their profile. Learn more

  • Message history: View email or SMS communication history with professional contacts and organisations. Learn more


  • Auto clinical note versioning: Automatically save different versions of clinical notes whenever they are edited. Learn more

  • Manual total score for clinical tools: Enable a manual final score for your clinical tool if you are performing calculations externally.


  • Pro-rata rounding: Enable automatic rounding for pro-rata fee calculation. Learn more

  • Preset fee updates: If you are using preset fees, don’t forget to import updates for this new financial year for the following preset fees:

    • Medicare

    • DVA

    • NDIS

    • WorkCover QLD

    • WorkSafe VIC

    • TAC

    • Open Arms

    • BUPA ADF


  • Patient communication: To prevent spam and fraudulent activity, sending SMS and emails to patients are now restricted to verified profiles.

  • Google Analytics 4: GA4 property ID tags are now supported for tracking your practitioner and location profiles with Google tags.

  • Profile redesign: We’ve launched a fresh redesign for practitioner profiles in the Halaxy directory.


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