Assign a patient intake form to a fee

Online bookings let you set a default patient intake form to automatically send after patients book appointments. You can also assign a different intake form to specific fees or even opt to send intake forms only for these specific fees. This allows you to customise the information you request from patients, depending on the fee in their booked appointment.


To use this feature, you must first enable both online bookings and automatic intake forms for online bookings.


In Halaxy, appointment type settings always override fee settings. If a patient books a fee that is linked to an appointment type with its own assigned intake form, the patient is sent the appointment type's intake form, not the fee's. If you want the fee's intake form to apply, you can either remove the appointment type's assigned intake form or unlink the fee in the appointment type's settings.

Link a patient intake form to a fee

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. Click the fee from the list.

  3. Under Fee Details, for Online booking intake form, select the intake form template to link to this fee.

  4. Click Save Fee.

When a patient books this fee online, they receive a link to the linked patient intake form in the booking confirmation page and booking confirmation email.

To remove the linked form template, for Online booking intake form, select None.


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