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When another patient requests access to your Halaxy Patient Portal, you will be emailed about who is requesting access and whether they are requesting View or Edit access. You will also be able to see the person as having "Pending" status in your Halaxy Patient Portal.

You can choose to grant or deny the other patient access to your Halaxy Patient Portal. Granting someone else access can be useful if you would like to share information with a spouse, partner, friend or family member.

Parents and guardians can also create an account for their child or dependant and then grant themselves access from their child or dependent's account.

After you have granted access to another patient, you can revoke their access at any time.


Anyone you grant access to will be able to see and possibly edit health data or medical records in your Halaxy account. Do not grant access to people you do not trust. You can also revoke access at any time.

To grant or deny another patient access to your Halaxy Patient Portal:

  1. Click Profile > Accesses.

  2. In the section labelled "People Who Can Access Your Patient Portal", the person who requested access will be shown with "Pending" in the status column. Click the Edit icon in the Actions column.

    The section "People Who Can Access Your Patient Portal" is shown, with the Edit icon highlighted.
  3. The Edit Access pop-up appears. If you want to grant access, set the Status to Current. f you wish to deny access, set the Status to Disabled.

    A pop-up titled Edit access. The Status drop-down menu is highlighted.
  4. (Optional) If you are granting access, you can change the type of access you are granting in the Role field. View access allows the patient to see your data but not make changes. Edit access allows the patient also make changes.

  5. Click Submit.

RESULT: If you granted access, the other patient will be able to see your data by toggling between users in the top-right of their Halaxy Patient Portal. If you denied access, the other patient will not be able to see your data.

The patient portal screen. A selector to choose users you have access to is highlighted.


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