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*Credits will only be charged for successful transactions.

If you have already set up your Tyro Health integration (formerly Medipass), you can start processing private health insurance claims within Halaxy. To ensure a smooth process, make sure to have all the necessary information required before processing.

Processing an insurance claim with Tyro Health in Halaxy costs 1 credit per successful transaction.


For more information or assistance with Tyro Health issues, please contact Tyro Health at or via chat in their website.

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Requirements for Tyro Health claims

To successfully process a Tyro Health claim via Halaxy, ensure you have the following details in place:

Editing a fee set up for Medipass with the Funder set to Private, a HICAPS Item Number and a Rebate amount

Image: An example of fee specifically set up for Tyro Health claiming (click image to expand)

  1. Funder: The fee on the invoice has the funder set to Private, or the fee's funder has its funder type set to Private.

  2. Item number: The fee has the correct item number in Halaxy. (Note: Tyro Health and Medipass no longer support HICAPS. Please contact Tyro Health for advice on the correct item number.)

  3. Rebate amount: The fee has a rebate amount greater than $0.00, which will be the amount paid by the insurer. (Note: If you are unsure what the insurer pays, set the rebate amount to be equal to the fee amount. Tyro Health will confirm the correct amount at the time of processing, and you can process the gap payment as needed.)

  4. Provider number: You have entered your Medicare provider number under the Private funder in your identifications. This provider number must also be registered with Tyro Health. (Note: Even if you have entered your provider number for the Medicare funder, you still need to add it again for the Private funder.)

  5. Patient details: The patient has a valid date of birth, mobile number and email address on their patient profile. Note:You can quickly add these details from the invoice by clicking Edit under the Patient Details section.

Process the Tyro Health claim

  1. From the invoice, click Tyro Online.

  2. In the pop-up, tick the checkbox for the rebates you want to claim, then click Process. (Note: Rebates that cannot be claimed yet are not included.)

  3. In the Tyro Health confirmation pop-up, click Continue to Payment. (Optional: You can add a discount here if desired.)

  4. The patient receives an SMS link to authorise the insurance payment and sets their location. (Note: This link must be clicked within 15 minutes of receiving it.)

  5. If there is a gap amount remaining, the patient must pay the full gap amount via any of these options:

    • Credit card: The patient enters their credit card details. (May incur processing fees with Tyro Health)

    • Google Pay: The patient signs into their Google account to authorise the payment. (May incur processing fees with Tyro Health)

    • In Person: The payment is considered authorised. You can process the payment in Halaxy, or you can accept payment through another method then mark the invoice as paid in Halaxy.

After payment is authorised, the invoice is updated in Halaxy. The patient can enter their email address to receive a receipt.

You can view the claim history and a Tyro Health statement by clicking the claim status link on the invoice. After the funds are transferred, you can log into your Tyro Health portal to access remittance advice and to refund the payment if required.


GIF: How to view the Tyro Health claim history and statement from the invoice


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