Grant another practitioner access to a patient


When clinically appropriate or necessary, you can grant another practitioner access to a patient's profile and clinical records.

To quickly share a patient's full profile, add the practitioner to the patient's Practitioner Relationships.


If you are looking to share only specific clinical records (and not the full record) with another practitioner, you can opt to share individual clinical notes instead.

Share a patient with another practitioner

  1. Open the patient's profile.

  2. Under the Practitioner Relationships section, click Edit.

  3. In the pop-up, click Add New.

  4. In the new row, set the following:

    • Practitioner: Select the practitioner you want to grant access to this patient.

    • Main: Tick the checkbox next to the practitioner's name to make them the patient's primary or preferred practitioner.

    • Relationship: Select a label that best describes the practitioner's relationship with the patient. This is purely for labelling purposes.

    • Access: Select if you want to keep the current access level or upgrade the practitioner to Full Access to the patient. (Note: Giving a practitioner Full access to a patient allows them to both view and edit all of the patient's clinical notes. Keeping them on their current access allows them to view all clinical notes, but edit only their own.)

  5. Click Save.


Unless they have Clinic Restriction on their access level settings, Practitioners who are Full or Clinical Access users automatically get full access to your patients.

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