Training Videos - Mini Videos


Want to learn how to get something done in Halaxy in under a minute? These mini videos are for you!

You can also check our videos on Halaxy's major features.

Adding your bank details for direct deposit or Halaxy Auto Payments

How to add your ABN

Payee Provider Numbers

Adding a Payee Provider Number to your invoices means that Medicare will pay rebates into the bank account associated with the Payee Provider Number instead of the servicing Provider Number. This quick video provides a quick rundown and shows you how to add Payee Provider Numbers to your invoices:

How to manage patients with multiple claiming details or alternate funding information

Do you have a patient whose funding information changes? For example, a patient whose invoices are sometimes paid for by a third party? Then this video is for you!

We also have a dedicated article for managing child patients where the parents alternate Medicare claiming.

Appointment reminders

Here's a 40-second guide on how to configure your appointment reminders:

Electronic fax in Halaxy

This 1-minute video shows you how to send and receive electronic fax messages in Halaxy, without the need for a physical fax machine:


This quick video shows you how to add referrals to track appointment and funding limits:

Campaigns and recalls - bulk messaging

The Campaigns feature lets you send bulk email and SMS messages through Halaxy, which is great for recalls and follow-ups, announcements or welcome packs. Here's a 1-minute overview:

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