View message history for patients

This article relates to message histories with patients. For message histories with professional contacts and organisations, see this article: View message history for professional contacts and organisations

Message history stores and displays your entire Halaxy SMS history with a patient, just like an SMS conversation on a mobile phone. You can also view all emails you’ve sent to the patient via , including any attachments.

A patient's message history includes:


Your message history displays sent and received SMS messages. Only sent emails are displayed as Halaxy cannot access your email inbox.

Open your message history with a patient

  1. Open the patient's profile.

  2. Under the Contact Details section, click the Icon-Bubbles.svg speech bubbles icon to open the message history.

  3. In the pop-up, your message history appears.

Navigate your message history


Images: Message history for email (left) and SMS (right). Click images to zoom in.

Learn how to use and navigate your message history:

  1. You can switch between email and SMS messages by clicking the tabs at the top.

  2. There are search and filter options to refine the displayed results.

  3. Each message type is indicated by a label.

  4. The messages that relate to appointments have a Icon-Calendar.svg calendar icon, which you can click to view the appointment.

  5. Messages that are successfully sent appear in blue and have a Icon-Tick.svg tick icon.

  6. Outbound messages that failed to send appear in red and have an Icon-Alert.svg alert icon.

  7. To print the entire message history, click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon in the top right.

  8. To print a specific email, click the plus icon to expand it, then click the Icon-Printer.svg printer icon within the individual email.

  9. Tick the Include all contacts checkbox to include messages the patient received as another patient’s emergency contact.


Your message history shows the most recent messages at the top. Your SMS message history will include messages even if your patient changes phone numbers or has multiple phone numbers.

Message delivery status

The follow table explains the delivery status of each message:

Check attachments sent with emails

If you sent attachments in an email to a patient, you can view the file names and sizes of the attachments in your Message History.

A patient's email message history. Aan attachment is shown with a Download link.

Attachments are also displayed in the Email History of any invoice, clinical note or intake form. Hover your cursor over the email status to see a preview of the contents.

The cursor hovers over the status in the email history. The email and attachments are displayed.


Attachments can only be viewed this way after the email is sent.


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