Send and receive clinical records with secure messaging


Patient records can be sent to other practitioners if both you and the receiving practitioner have an account set up with either ReferralNet or Argus. If you have not set up an account yet, you can do this from your Settings page.

You can also send patient records via fax.

Sending a secure message

Sending a secure message in Halaxy costs 3 credits.

To send a clinical note to another practitioner, open the clinical note, then click the triangle next to the Save button and click either SMD ReferralNet or SMD Argus.

The icon next to the Save button is selected, with SMD ReferralNet and SMD Argus highlighted

In the Find Recipients pop-up, you can enter search criteria into the Keyword, Name, Email and Organisation fields and then click Search to find the recipient practitioner in the ReferralNet or Argus databases:


Click the practitioner you want to send the record to. A summary appears on screen confirming the details being sent. Select the message type and click Send when ready.

Receiving secure messages

When a message is received via secure messaging, a notification is generated in your Notifications at the top of the screen. You can click the View link to read the message.

A list of all messages sent and received are displayed in the Communications page, which is found under the Contacts tab.

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