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ReferralNet is a secure message delivery (SMD) service for health practitioners who provides secure electronic messaging between health professionals in compliance with Australian Privacy Principles.

ReferralNet is integrated with Halaxy to allow you to securely send and receive referrals and clinical notes via Halaxy.

In order to send secure messages in Halaxy, you must be set up in Halaxy as a practitioner, not an administrator.


In order to use secure messaging, both the sender and receiver are required to use the same messaging provider. By signing up for both ReferralNet and Argus, this increases your ability to send messages securely.

Sign up for ReferralNet through Halaxy

You can sign up for a ReferralNet account directly through Halaxy. By signing up through Halaxy, you do not need to purchase a monthly ReferralNet subscription and can use ReferralNet to send secure messages through Halaxy at a cost of 3 Halaxy credits per message. There is no cost for receiving messages through ReferralNet.

Setting up a ReferralNet account has two aspects: your organisation account, and your individual practitioner account. If you have Full Access, you can set up individual accounts for any practitioner in your practice group.


To create a ReferralNet account, the Title field (i.e. Mr/Ms/Dr) in your profile must be populated.

Setting up a new organisation account

If you do not have an existing ReferralNet subscription, you can set up your organisation account by following the steps below:

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. In the Secure Message Delivery section, click Set Up Organisation Account next to ReferralNet.

  3. When asked "Do you have an existing practice account?", select No. The form will expand:

  4. Fill out the rest of the form and click Submit.

RESULT: ReferralNet will verify and create your organisation account. This process may take a few days; your ReferralNet status will display as Awaiting Approval in your Halaxy Integrations page. Once your organisation account has been created, your ReferralNet status will display as Active in your Halaxy Integrations page and you will be able to create individual accounts (see below).


Setting up individual accounts

Once your organisation has been set up, you can sign up for individual accounts for each practitioner in your practice group. Each practitioner will need an individual account to use ReferralNet.

To set up individual ReferralNet accounts via Halaxy:

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. In the Secure Message Delivery section, click the Edit icon to the right of ReferralNet. The ReferralNet Secure Messaging Integration pop-up appears:

  3. For each practitioner you would like to create a ReferralNet account for, select Create New Account and select their Discipline:

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and click Save.

RESULT: The practitioners you created an account for will have "Pending: Waiting for connection" displayed in the ReferralNet pop-up. After ReferralNet have verified the practitioner's account (which usually takes about 15 minutes), the practitioner's username and password will automatically appear in the ReferralNet pop-up, with a button to validate the log-in credentials. You do not need to do anything; when this happens, the practitioner's ReferralNet account has been successfully created, and the practitioner will be able to use ReferralNet to send secure messages through Halaxy.


How to connect your ReferralNet account to your Halaxy if you already have a ReferralNet subscription

Please email requesting that you would like to link your ReferralNet account with your Halaxy. Ensure that you include your ReferralNet username in the email.

How to send a message through ReferralNet

You can send any clinical note in Halaxy via ReferralNet by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your patient's Clinical Notes page and click the clinical note you wish to send.

  2. Click the blue triangle button in the top-right of the note and select SMD ReferralNet:

    Clicking the triangle next to the save button reveals a drop-down menu with more actions
  3. The Find Recipients pop-up appears. Enter your desired search criteria and click Search:

  4. A list of ReferralNet users matching your search criteria appears. Select the desired recipient from the list and click Next. A pop-up appears containing the recipient details, the patient details and what information you would like to share.

  5. Select the message type and what information you would like to share (the note contents and any attachments), then click Send. Sending a secure message via ReferralNet costs 3 Halaxy credits.


Only practitioners are able to use secure messaging. Administrators cannot currently send messages on a practitioner's behalf - this feature is currently in development.

Interoperability with Argus

Argus is another secure message delivery service operated by Telstra.

ReferralNet users are able to send secure messages to other ReferralNet users as well as Argus users. Argus users are able to receive messages from ReferralNet users but can only send messages to other Argus users.

By signing up for both ReferralNet and Argus, you can increase your ability to send and receive messages securely.

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