Request payment for online bookings

When a patient books an appointment online, you can request advance payment (full or percentage deposit), which can help prevent no-shows, giving you added protection. You can also opt to request their payment details so you can process their payment later.


If you want specific fees or services to be available for booking without requiring payment or card information, you can disable payment setting for specific fees.

Set payment settings online bookings

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Under the practice location you wish to enable deposits for, next to Online Bookings and Profile Preferences section, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. Under the Payments section, select any of these options in the dropdown:

    • No deposit / payment: The patient is not required to submit any payment or deposit to complete the online booking.

    • Full payment required: The patient must pay the full amount of the appointment fee to complete the online booking. This requires the fee to be visible.

    • Deposit required: The patient must pay a set percentage of the total fee to complete the online booking. This requires the fee to be visible.

    • Card capture: The patient must enter their card details to complete the online booking. They will not be charged when they make the booking, but will be charged at the appointment time.

    *Payment, deposit and card capture also provide the option to use Paypal as an alternative to entering card details.

  4. Click Save.

Whenever a patient makes an online booking, the payment setting you selected will apply when completing their booking. This does not apply to fees where you have disabled online booking payment.

Receive payments with Paypal

Paypal is available in Halaxy as a payment method for patients, whether it’s through the secure invoice link, patient portal or online booking. Paypal is a handy alternative to entering credit card information.

  • Practitioners don’t need a Paypal account to receive Paypal payments.

  • Funds from Paypal payments are transferred to the deposit account you set up in Halaxy.

  • Patients who want to pay via Paypal must have their own PayPal account.

  • Paypal is currently available only for Australian-based practices.

  • Transaction fees for Paypal payments are the same as Halaxy Auto Payments and count towards reaching the next payments band.


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