Enable patients to manage appointments

Every appointment on Halaxy has an online appointment summary, which you can allow patients to access by adding it as a secure link in your appointment reminders and online booking confirmation emails.

Through this appointment summary link, you also have the option to allow patients to cancel and reschedule their appointments online without needing to contact your practice.


Image: The appointment summary screen as viewed by your patients


Patients can have individual reminder settings which may be configured to not receive reminders, affecting their ability to cancel or reschedule their appointments. Practitioners may also have individual practitioner reminder settings that override the group default reminder settings, including for the online appointment summary.

Add an appointment summary link for patients

To allow patients to manage their appointments, you must first give them access to view their appointment details. You can insert a link to their appointment summary in these templates:

      1. Click Settings > Reminders and expand the settings for the relevant group or practitioner.

      2. Under the Templates section, next to New appointment / Change appointment / Pre-appointment, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

      3. Add the dynamic term [Appointment Link] in your SMS or email template.

      4. Click Save.

      The patient receives the summary link in the pre-appointment reminder at a pre-selected time based on your reminder settings.

    • You can add an appointment summary link in online booking confirmation emails.

      1. Click Personal > Locations.

      2. Find the practice location and relevant practitioner. Next to Online Bookings and Profile Preferences, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

      3. Tick the Customise confirmation email checkbox.

      4. The email subject and email body fields appear, where you can edit the content include images, text formatting or dynamic terms.

      5. Add the dynamic term [Appointment Link] to the email template.

      6. Click Save.

      The patient receives the summary link when their online booking is confirmed.

Allow patients to cancel or reschedule appointments

After you have added the appointment summary link, patients can now view their appointment details but cannot make changes yet.

To enable patients to cancel or reschedule appointments, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings > Reminders.

  2. For the group or practitioner settings you want to edit, under Preferences, click Edit.

  3. In the pop-up, under Schedule change by patients, tick the checkbox labelled Allow patients to cancel and reschedule appointments online.

  4. (Optional) For Minimum notice period, set the amount of time before the appointment that patients are allowed to cancel or reschedule. (Example: If you enter 24 hours, patients can no longer cancel or reschedule within 24 hours before the appointment.)

  5. Click Save.

When your patient clicks on the appointment summary link, they now see the Reschedule or Cancel buttons.


If a patient reschedules, the new appointment time is automatically entered in your Halaxy calendar with a note explaining that the patient has rescheduled. The old appointment will be cancelled, and you can choose to delete the old invoice or the appointment entirely.


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