Manage your card payment details

Adding your card details allows you to securely pay for invoices. You can even make payments completely automatic, so paying for your healthcare is as convenient as using a rideshare service or ordering food from your phone.

Your card details are encrypted, tokenised and stored securely by Braintree for Australia and Hyperwallet for the EU. Both are subsidiaries of PayPal, one of the world's largest payments providers. Neither your practitioner nor anyone at Halaxy can access your card details.

Please see our card security FAQ if you have any questions.

Add card details to patient portal

  1. Click Account > Payments.

  2. Click Add Credit Card.

  3. Enter your card payment details.

  4. Click Submit.

Edit or delete card details from your patient portal

  1. Click Account > Payments.

  2. To edit, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon. To delete, click the Icon-Bin.svg Delete icon.


Share card details with your practitioner

If you prefer to have your practitioner process your invoice payments for you instead, you can share your card details with them. When you share your card, the details are encrypted so they are not visible to anyone. Your card can only be used to process an invoice payment.

To share your card details with your practitioner:

  1. Click Account > Payments.

  2. Click the Icon-Share.svg Share icon.

  3. In the dropdown, select the practice you want to share your details with.

  4. Click Submit.


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