Guide to User Action History

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User Action History provides an overview of all your users’ activity in your practice. When users log in and actively use Halaxy, their activity on the platform is logged in User Action History. Some examples include viewing a patient’s profile, changing appointment details, or updating any settings.

You can also search your User Action History, complete with refining filters, to find exact activity records in your practice group. 

User Action History promotes accountability and transparency as it keeps track of activity and changes in your practice.


What can you see with User Action History?

  • Date: when the activity occurred

  • User: who performed the activity

  • Action: type of activity (view, update, create, delete, etc.)

  • Page: where in Halaxy the activity occurred

  • ID: the specific record (such as patient, invoice, or appointment) viewed or updated

  • Description: additional detail on the activity

  • URL: specific URL of where the activity occurred

  • IP Address: the device identifier of the person who performed the activity

You can view the last 7 days of User Action History records for free anytime. To continuously log and access records beyond 7 days, purchase the User Action History add-on, which requires a monthly credit subscription.

Subscription is 100 credits per month for practice groups with under 5 active users, and 200 credits per month for practice groups with 5 or more active users.

When you subscribe to User Action History, you gain continuous access to your practice's activity records beginning from 30 days prior to your subscription date.


You maintain access to your activity records through a continuous initial subscription. If your subscription expires and you choose not to renew your subscription, you revert to the free version of User Action History and all your activity records older than 30 days are permanently deleted.

If you resubscribe to User Action History after expiry, your activity records will only begin from 30 days prior to your resubscription date.

Enable User Action History for a user

Any user in your practice can be granted access to view User Action History, but it is not enabled by default.

  1. Click Settings > Users.

  2. In the list, next to the user's name, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon to open their access settings.

  3. Tick the User Action History checkbox.

  4. Click Save.

The user can now view User Action History.

If your practice group does not have a User Action History subscription, users can view the last 7 days of User Action History records for free.

Subscribe for User Action History

  1. Click Settings > Add-ons.

  2. Under the Group Add-ons section, click Add a Subscription.

  3. In the pop-up, click Purchase.


Your practice group is now subscribed to User Action History. Make sure to enable it in access settings for users.

View User Action History in your practice

There are different ways and areas in Halaxy to view User Action History, depending on the information you are looking for. To view User Action History, first make sure that it has been enabled in your access level settings.

  • This allows you to view all activity by all users within a practice group.

    1. Go to Settings > Users. In the group tab heading, click the Icon-History-2.svg History icon.

    2. The User Action History of all your practice group users appears. You may also view your User Action History records by practitioner or date using the dropdown selections in the upper right corner.



    Only Full Access users can view records for all users in the group history view. Users who are not on Full Access will only be able to see their own records in this page.

  • This allows you to view all activity for a patient’s record.

    1. Go to the patient’s profile. On the top right part of the screen, click the Icon-History-2.svg History icon.

    2. The User Action History for this patient appears.

  • This allows you to view all activity for an invoice.

    1. Go to the invoice. On the top right part of the screen, click the Icon-History-2.svg History icon.

    2. The User Action History for this invoice appears.

  • This allows you to view all activity for an appointment.

    1. Go to the appointment. Under Appointment Information, click the Icon-History-2.svg History icon.

    2. The User Action History for this appointment appears.


Search and refine User Action History

When you regularly use Halaxy for your practice, your User Action History list may span several pages. You can customise viewing this information by sorting or filtering.

    1. On your User Action History list, click on the field heading you wish to sort.

    2. An arrow icon will appear next to the heading to indicate how the information is sorted.

    3. Click the heading again to change the sorting type.

      • Up arrow: ascending / lowest to highest / oldest to newest.

      • Down arrow: descending / highest to lowest / newest to oldest

      • No icon: not sorted

    1. Hover the mouse pointer over any field heading. Click on the Icon-Menu.svg Filter icon that appears.

    2. Specify the parameters you need for your search. The User Action History list will automatically update with your filters.



    You can use filters on multiple fields at the same time.


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