Add a Healthcare Provider Identifier - Organisation (HPI-O) for a practice group or location


Who can do this?

All user roles and access levels (with access to the Integrations page)

The Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI) is a national system with the Australian government for uniquely identifying individuals and healthcare providers. These identifiers help to ensure both patients and practitioners that the correct information is associated with the correct individual at the point of care.

To ensure safe transactions, electronic and paper MediSecure prescriptions require all levels of healthcare identifiers to be set in Halaxy:


You must first set your practice group or location's HPI-O to be able to add HPI-I for practitioners and IHI for patients.

How to add an HPI-O for a practice group or location

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. In the section Healthcare Identifiers, click Add HPI-O Number.

  3. Under Level, select either Group (for practice group) or Clinic (for a location). Enter the corresponding HPI-O number. Then, in the dropdown, select the appropriate class code and title that best describes your practice.

  4. Click Add HPI-O to save.

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