Create a paper eRx prescription

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The paper eRx option is like a regular prescription but comes printed with a barcode. When the patient presents the barcode to the pharmacist, the drug and dosage details are automatically entered into their system, saving time on encoding, and ensuring accuracy.

Halaxy recognises that some patients might not have a smartphone and not everyone may want to receive their medical documents electronically. Using the paper eRx format allows patients to have their prescriptions issued traditionally, while securing their prescription details at the same time.

Publishing a paper eRx prescription in Halaxy costs 1 credit.

The process comes in two parts:


For the security of all users and the integration of our health system, practitioners must first follow a few set up requirements to be able to issue paper eRx prescriptions.

  1. Enable Prescriptions and Order Requests for users in their access level settings.

  2. Each prescribing practitioner must add their PBS prescriber number in their profile.

    • On the sidebar, click Personal > Profile.

    • On the top right, click Edit.

    • Under Qualifications & Credentials, click Add Identification and enter your prescriber number.

  3. Register each prescribing practitioner with eRx at their website to get an entity ID. You will be notified when registration is approved and activated.

  4. Link your practice HPI-O to Halaxy's CSP in PRODA.

    • Halaxy's CSP registration number is 8003630833414661.

    • Users must ensure that the correct HPI-O is entered.

    • For further help, you may contact the Healthcare Identifiers Service operations team at Services Australia - by phone 1300 361 457 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm AEST), or email at

  5. Add all necessary healthcare identifiers:

Video Tutorial

Note: Halaxy e-scripts have transitioned to from MediSecure to eRx, but still follow this same process.

Create the prescription

  1. In the patient's clinical note, click Add Order.

  2. In the window, fill out the following details:

    • For Order type, select Prescription.

    • Select the Ordering practitioner.

    • Enter the Order date and time.

  3. Click Create.

  4. You are taken back to the Clinical Notes screen where your new prescription record is created. Under the List of Drugs, click the Add a drug button.

  5. In the Add New Drug window, fill out the following details:

    • Prescribe as: Select PBS/RPBS (if subsidised by Medicare/DVA) or Private.

    • Drug name and strength: Search for the drug name and strength needed. For PBS/RPBS drugs, you must selected the specific PBS item needed.

    • Directions for use: Complete either section A or section B. If you are filling out section A, you must complete all the fields.

    • Repeats and quantity: Repeats and dispense quantity are required fields.

    • Prescription notes: Complete as needed. Depending on the drug prescribed, some fields in this section may be mandatory.

  6. Click Save.

Your prescription is now ready to be published.

Publish and print a paper eRx prescription

  1. On the upper right corner, next to the Edit button, select the down arrow button.

  2. Click Publish, then Continue.

  3. A window popup appears, asking for your prescription type. Select Paper (eRx).

  4. You can then review all the prescription details on the popup window before publishing to eRx, including prescriber details, patient details and prescription details.

  5. Once all the details are final, confirm your password and click Publish. The prescription has now been published to eRx.

  6. Click the Print button to print the prescription, which comes with a unique barcode.

After publishing, you are directed back to the Clinical Notes screen, where you can review the published prescription.

Options from here include:

  • Print

  • View eRx Transaction History: shows all the activity for the prescription (if it was published successfully, reissued or cancelled/ceased)

  • Cancel the prescription


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