Managing Multiple Claims and Payers under a Funder


Halaxy allows you to create multiple claims for each patient under any given funder, with each claim containing unique or reused claim details as needed. This gives you flexibility in how you manage patient claims under a funder and allows you to bill different third-party organisations easily by switching between claims as needed on any given invoice. You can also switch between claims depending on whether the payer is the patient or a third-party organisation.

This page outlines a series of common situations and how to handle manage these with Halaxy.

The user edits the claim on the invoice and selects a different claim from the drop-down menu

Image: Switching between two different claims on an invoice (expand image)

To add an additional claim, navigate to the Funding page of the patient's profile and click New Claim at the top-right of the page.

You can also archive claims that are no longer required.


When you add a new claim under the same funder, the previous claim is automatically archived by default. You can make restore an archived claim by clicking the Delete icon next to an archived claim and then selecting Restore. This lets you have both claims active at the same time.

Example - child patient with parents who alternate claiming

A child patient can have two Medicare claims using the same Medicare details, but with different claimant information (one for each parent). From the Appointment Information panel or invoice, you can then select the correct claim as needed.

Please see Adding a Second Medicare Claimant (e.g. alternating parent claimants) for more detail.

Example - clients who change funding bodies or are sometimes self-funded

A client may have a claim under a funder (such as the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme) where they receive funding from different bodies or are sometimes self-funded. By creating multiple claims under the same funder, you can easily switch between the relevant funding bodies and payers on any invoice.

The image below shows a patient's Funding page. There are two NDIS claims active. In the first claim, the paying organisation is the National Disability Insurance Agency. In the second claim, the patient is self-funded.

A patient has two claims under the same funder, with different paying organisations

On any given invoice, you can choose between both claims by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon next to the claim.

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