Verifying Patient Medicare Details (OPV and OVV) and Verification History


Practitioners can verify patient (or claimant) Medicare claiming details using Halaxy's integrated Medicare Online Patient Verification (OPV) process, called Online Veteran Verification (OVV) for DVA.

You may be required to verify a patient's Medicare details before being able to process a claim.

You can verify Medicare/DVA details from an invoice, from the calendar or from the Funding tab of the patient's profile:

  • From an invoice: Click the Verification icon next to the Medicare card number for either the patient or the claimant:

    Under Patient Details, the icons next to the Medicare/Claimant card numbers are highlighted
  • From the calendar: Click the Verification icon in the Appointment information panel:

  • From the patient's profile: Navigate to the Funding tab and expand the Medicare claim, then click the Verification icon:


If you have not yet verified the details, a circle with a line is shown next to the Medicare number. This does not mean that the Medicare details are incorrect; it only means that they have not been verified yet. Click to verify the details with Medicare.

If the details are correct and verified, the icon changes to a tick icon. If the details are incorrect, Medicare provides you with a message saying why the details are not correct so you can obtain the correct Medicare details from the patient.

You can also view a verification history by clicking the history icon on the invoice, the calendar or the Funding tab of the patient profile (will only appear if you have previously verified the patient):

user clicks the Verification History icon; a pop-up appears with verification statuses
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