How do I send a letter to a referrer?


Halaxy features a default referral acceptance letter as a clinical note template that you can import into any clinical note.

You can use or modify this template to send letters to referring practitioners, or you can create your own templates. By importing templates, you save time, as all you need to do is click Publish and select how you want to send the letter to the referring practitioner (such as email, fax or secure message).

You can also link any clinical note template to a referral type so that it is automatically added to a patient's clinical notes list whenever a referral of that type is added to their profile. By linking these templates to referral types, you save yourself even more time.

To add a letter to a referrer to a patient's clinical notes:

  1. Navigate to the patient's Clinical Notes page.

  2. Click New Clinical Note at the top-right of the page.

  3. In the Notes section, click Templates on the toolbar.

  4. Select the letter from the template list (the default referral acceptance letter is named "Referral Acceptance").

    The Clinical Tools and Templates pop-up. In Halaxy's library, "Referral Acceptance" is highlighted.
  5. Click Save.

RESULT: The clinical note will be automatically populated with the contents of your template. The default template will have a number of different dynamic terms, such as the patient's name and the referring practitioner's name. These dynamic terms will automatically populate with the correct information once you click Publish.


Dynamic terms allow you to use the same templates for different patients, appointments and referrers, as the details will automatically populate with the correct information. Ensure that the clinical note is linked to a referral so that Halaxy knows the correct information to use.

User clicks Templates and imports a referral acceptance letter template

Once you are happy with the contents of the letter, click Publish (located in the drop-down menu that appears when you click the arrow in the screenshot below) to lock in the contents of the letter and populate the dynamic terms. You can then send the letter by clicking Email, Fax, SMD Argus or SMD ReferralNet.

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