Adding a Second Medicare Claimant (e.g. alternating parent claimants)


If the person claiming a Medicare rebate is not the patient receiving the treatment (such as a parent claiming for a child), Halaxy allows you to add their details as the claimant to the claim.

In some circumstances there may be multiple claimants involved in a patient's claim, such as parents who alternate claiming; however, only one claimant can be added to each Medicare claim.

The solution is to create separate claims with a different claimant linked to each and then switch between which claim you want to use on the invoice depending on who is paying for each visit.

Creating multiple claims

You will need to create a new claim for each claimant that you wish to add.

To create a new claim:

  1. Go to a patient's profile and click the Funding tab.

  2. Click New Claim.

  3. In the Funder field, type "Medicare" and select it from the list, then click Next.

  4. Enter the patient's Medicare details and click Add Claimant to enter the details of your new claimant, then click Next.

  5. (Optional) Add a referral by clicking Add Referral. You can add the same referral details to multiple claims; Halaxy will retain the referral information (such as expiry date and appointment limits) across claims.


RESULT: The patient will now have two Medicare claims, with the previous claim archived. You will need to un-archive the claim so you can choose between active claims.

Medicare_TwoClaimsOneArchived.pngUn-archive the previous claim by clicking on the Delete (trash) icon next to the archived claim and then selecting Restore, then clicking Submit:


The end result will be two active claims (potentially both using the same referral), but one linked to the first parent and the other linked to the second.

Two Medicare Claims are shown, each for a different parent claimant

Choosing which claim to use

Whenever you need to book an appointment for your patient, you can select which claim you want to apply by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon in the claim section of the Appointment Information.

The Appointment Information panel. The Edit icon for the Medicare card is highlighted.

You can then select the desired claim from the Existing Claims drop-down menu.

The Edit Medicare Claim pop-up. Two claims are shown in the Existing Claims drop-down menu.

You can also select a claim directly on the invoice by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon in the Patient Details section in the top-right of the invoice.

On an invoice, the Edit icon for the patient's Medicare number is highlighted
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