Colours on Your Calendar


Your calendar is colour coded for your convenience, and you can set custom colours for each fee or appointment type. These colours are explained below:

  • Appointment status colour: The time label of appointments on the calendar. If you have enabled status colours in your calendar preferences, the time label colour indicates the appointment status, which can be modified by a patient's response to a two-way SMS reminder. Please see Appointment Statuses for more detail.

  • Fee or appointment type colour: The colour of the appointment "block" on the calendar. This indicates the fee or appointment type used for the appointment. Each individual fee or appointment type can be colour coded for your convenience. By default, appointments made manually in your Calendar are shaded blue, whereas appointments made via online booking are shaded green.

  • Location (clinic) colour: The background colour of the calendar. This shows your hours at a particular location.

  • Personal Appointments: Personal appointments are shown in grey so you can easily identify your own appointments that do not involve patients or treatment.

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