Clinical Note Versions - Saving and Reverting to Previous Versions


You can save different versions of clinical notes and revert a note to a previous version. This is useful to help back up your clinical notes and make changes without losing previous note contents.

To save a new version, click the arrow icon next to the Save or Revert button, then click Save a version (this will only appear once the note has content). You can also add a comment for your records.

On a clinical note, the button next to the Save button is selected. "Save a version" is highlighted

To revert to a previous version, click the timestamp under the note status and then select the version you want:

The user clicks the timestamp under the status and hovers over each version, displaying a comment

You will be shown a preview of the version before any changes are made:

A pop-up titled View Saved Version, with version details and a note preview

Click Revert to restore the note to this version. This will overwrite the current contents of the note and cannot be undone; to preserve your current version, consider saving your current note contents as a new version before reverting to a previous version.


Once a note is Published, it is locked and cannot be edited. You must revert the note status to Draft by clicking Revert (this replaces the Save button after publishing) before attempting to revert to a previous version.

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