Automatic Recall Campaigns


Halaxy's campaigns feature is extremely powerful and can be used to set up a completely automated recall campaign for patients who have not attended your practice for some time. This allows you to follow up with patients automatically a certain time after their appointments, in a completely hands-free manner.

This article provides instructions on how to set up an automatic recall campaign. For other ideas, please see Useful Campaigns for Your Practice.

To set up an automatic recall campaign, you must first create a report that captures the audience you want - for example, patients who have not had an appointment for three months and do not have a future appointment booked. After saving this report, you can then set it as a recurring campaign that repeats periodically. Each time the campaign repeats, it will capture a different set of patients.

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up an automatic recall campaign:

  1. Click Reports > Appointment.

  2. In the Report Type field, select Attendance.

    Appointment Report Type is Attendance, 6 weeks since last attended, without future appointments.

    Image: Settings for a recall campaign using an appointment report (expand image)

  3. In the Length field, select how many days, weeks or months after the patient's last appointment that you wish to follow-up with the patient. For example, to follow up exactly six weeks after a patient's appointment, select "equals" and "6 weeks". You can also use "more than" or "more than or equal to" to capture patients who have not attended for longer periods of time.

  4. Also in the Length field, select to only include patients without future appointments.

  5. Set any other filters you desire to further limit the audience captured by the report.

  6. Click Run.

  7. The report appears, showing the list of patients captured if you were to send the campaign today. Click Save at the bottom of the report.

  8. With the report now saved, you can use the report to create a campaign. Click Set as Campaign at the top of the report.

  9. The Save Campaign pop-up appears. In the Scheduled Date field, select when you want the first instance of the campaign to run.

  10. In either the SMS Template or Email Template field, select the communication template you wish to send.

  11. In the pop-up, click Repeat Campaign and set how often you wish the campaign to repeat. For example, if you want to issue a recall campaign every month for a year, set the campaign to repeat every month and to repeat 12 times. Each instance will capture a new audience of patients based on the settings you chose in steps 3-5.


    Image: Example settings for a repeating recall campaign (expand image)

RESULT: Your campaign will now repeat automatically according to the settings, capturing a different audience each time. Note that in the example above, a patient who does not make a follow-up booking will be contacted each month, as they would still fit within the parameters set by the report (at least three months since their last appointment and without a future appointment booked).

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