How do I send an email to a referrer or professional contact?


There are three ways to send messages to referrers/professional contacts in Halaxy:

  • Directly from a clinical note using email, secure messaging or fax. This is appropriate for sharing patient records with other practitioners. Please see Sharing Clinical Notes for details.

  • Via a campaign created using a referral report. This is suitable for following up on referrals or for bulk messages to your professional network. When sending the campaign, ensure the Recipients drop-down menu is set to "Specialist". This will send the campaign to professional contacts instead of patients.

  • If the practitioner's clinic has been set up as an organisation, from the organisation profile (click Contacts > Organisations, then click the email address). This is suitable for once-off emails to the contact. Please note that a professional contact must be set up as an organisation for this method to work.

For other emails that do not need to be tracked in your practice management software, you can use your external email client.

You can review emails sent to professional contacts via Halaxy by running an email communication report or campaign communication report.

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